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Seeing the World Through the Lens of a Survivor

Yes!! This!! It’s so true!! Please click through to read the entire article over at Borderline Babble. What the author describes is how I continue to struggle even in clinical remission. Some days it seems like an up hill battle.
I read something online recently and it got me thinking. The quote was about abuse survivors, but I think it can be extended to victims of other types of (complex) trauma, too. The author states that to them, there is no difference between someone being “not obviously pleased” and someone being “obviously displeased”. Similarly, they […]


My Friday Blog

Ah, ha!! See I’ve been trying to focus long enough to write a post about this, but with my pregnancy brain in full swing it just wasn’t happening. So, go check this out! Spot on, exactly. Plus a great read over all.
Hello dear reader(s)! I’m all for not purposely offending someone.  Unless a major part of your act is a giant statement in the absurdity of people being offended (such as Anthony Jeselnik or Bill Burr), in which case…more please!  But have we taken our outrage and offense too far? It is my definite opinion that […]


Picking Up the Pen

I think I might attempt CampNaNo next month. I haven’t really taken anytime to write fiction for basically two years. I think the last time I tried to write something off the cuff fictional was in April of 2013. lol. It’s been a while. I think I need to stretch my creative writing muscles.

 For those who aren’t familiar with the acronym NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month which occurs every year in November. It’s a fun challenge to see if you can reach 50k words of fiction in thirty days, and it comes with a fun community of fellow writers. There are local meet ups all across the country plus all of the online frivolities and you get a nifty little certificate when you win by surpassing 50k words.


It doesn’t mean anything aside from your own personal accomplishment, but writing that many words in 30 days or less isn’t easy. My first year attempting it I only made it to the half way point and I thought it was quite possibly going to be the death of me. lol. There are also some discounts on writing software available to those who meet or surpass 50k words. I mean really it’s just for fun, but it’s something I enjoy doing as long as I have the time.

CampNaNo is basically the same thing except they do two different events in the Spring and Summer, and you can choose your own word count goal anywhere from 10k words all the way up to 100k I believe. I usually start small during the Camp months and work my way up. The first time I attempted it I went for the traditional 50k, and made it pretty easily. I’m not sure what I’ll aim for next month… yes I realize that next month is only a few days away. This is my traditional: “Hey, I think I’m going to do this thing” week. lol. I rarely plan more than a week ahead for my writing projects, and so far it’s served me well. Plus being for fun, it doesn’t really matter if I actually do it or not. lol.

I need something to occupy my brain. Keeping up with the gym has given my physical body something to do to burn off excess energy and such, but my mind is going a bit numb from the constant flow of depressing news streaming through my social media channels recently. I can feel myself slipping away into apathy and that’s not good. When I get apathetic I get anxious and have a tendency to get myself in trouble. It was a nice balance with school tossed in the mix, but now I’m having a little trouble staying focused, but I think the challenge of fiction will keep me occupied. At least for the next thirty days. lol.

Camp NaNot

I fought the good fight Bloggies, but I just can NOT keep up with CampNaNoWriMo this month. Between moving, taking care of the kiddo, the dog, and actually taking the time to talk to Kevin when he gets home from work my brain refuses to function creatively. I’m kind of upset about it, and I’m going to continue to write until the end of the month to see how far I get, but really it was just too much this month. There’s another one coming around in July. You know, when I’m not busy trying to keep two houses together on top of all of my other wifely duties. I’ve still managed to pump out 20k words in two weeks. Two extremely hectic, and stressful weeks but it is what it is. Technically if you count all of my rewrites there at the beginning I’m write on track. Ha ha. Write on track, get it? I’m sorry I’m a little slap happy and extremely exhausted right now. lol.

In other news, I was all worried about creepers at the house and tonight after Kevin got home from work when we made our way back to the apartment for the night we arrived to find most of the Nowheresville police force, and both of the county detectives in our complex. When both of the detectives show up you know it’s serious business. We’re not sure what all went down, but if we had to guess we think it was something domestic that got out of hand and resulted in a really bad assault. The police are always at that building for something, but like I said the detectives don’t show up unless it’s the real deal. The police are currently all sorts of staked out around the complex tonight too, and all over this side of town looking for some one. So yeah. That’s probably why I can’t sleep. 

That or the massive storm looming just to the West of us. It’s supposed to get really nasty here tomorrow as far as weather is concerned. I’m glad we actually get a spring this year, but I did not miss the lack of severe storms last season. I’m always kind of worried about it just because of Nora, but now that I know the sirens are pretty much useless I’m even MORE worried about it. Bah… some times I wish I lived on a tropical island, because you can always predict a hurricane. You can’t always predict a tornado. 

Anyway… I’m falling asleep at my key board so I guess it’s time for bed. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

Branching Out

I discovered something about my creative writing skills today. I am stuck in one genre. When I started out with my CampNaNo adventure I had originally wanted to write a humor piece on the hilarity that would ensue if dyslexic zombies were roaming around looking for Brians instead of brains. That was the whiz bang idea that I stumbled upon in mid March and thought it was going to be sooooo easy to write. Turns out I was wrong. I started writing, and ended up scrapping two different beginnings to this novel because it just wasn’t flowing. I couldn’t write it satirically and full of humor. Apparently my darker side comes out in my creative writing because I can only write terribly depressing things. lol. At least when I’m left to my own creative devices. I guess I need to work on that after I finish this month. 

I think it’s kind of odd personally. When I first started writing it was nothing but small little humorous quips and children’s books. I mean I guess I was technically a child when I started writing in third or fourth grade… I don’t remember actually. I remember the characters and story lines, but I don’t remember how old I was. Then when I actually accomplished my first novel of substance I was 14 and it was right after the attacks on September 11th. I guess I saw the darker side of the world after that, and one of the ways I could cope with it was to write. 

In case you haven’t figured that out yet, writing is pretty much how I cope with things. lol. That and painting. Give me some acrylic paints and a canvas and you’ll get a masterpiece of I’m depressed or stressed out. Anyway… I should stop procrastinating and get back to my NaNo writing… until later Bloggies. 🙂