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SAAM: Draining the Wound

This is a complicated and deeply personal post I wrote immediately following the last confrontation with my rapist. He wrote out a comment on a post here I wrote several years ago and I responded. At first I kept my response private, discussing it only with my therapist while trying to move forward from it all. The post that I wrote initiating my rapist’s retort was written during an exceptionally vulnerable time when I was overwhelmed with other emotional things far removed from my toxic relationship with him. It was the most severe PTSD relapse I’ve had since starting my treatment in 2013, and I’ve since removed it from my public archives. I didn’t delete it but I felt that it didn’t have a place on the blog after I worked through the crisis with my therapist. Publishing it was a mistake. Plain and simple. I know better now, and I try to do better when filtering my emotions and thoughts on to the page.

A short synopsis to give some context to the following passage: Basically, I took the wrong approach in confronting his current wife about her manipulative and abusive behaviors toward me, and in turn assumed that she was also abusive toward him. It’s probably a fair assumption, but it wasn’t my place to speak out about in the way that I did. She also responded. Her response was a whole lot to say about herself, but not really in context to the post itself. I read it, but didn’t feel like it warranted a response from me having felt that everything I needed/wanted to say had already been addressed.

His response triggered my PTSD even further than the initial crisis that spawned the post in the first place and I felt compelled to respond. I’ve included most of the exchange here.

His words are in italics, mine are bold.

Kelli this is the first time I have ever commented on your page/blog or whatever. For some strange odd reason you hold me at the highest pedestole (*pedestal) for men. I was an asshole, jerk,selfish, blunt, honest to you about never loving you,dated mutable (*multiple is what he means here. Mutable would have been much to his benefit) women while together, had permission from you to be with other women when I went to the USAF. (Under very specific conditions)If anyone has any issues its you. You were a pussy pillow from the start, and I was a jerk enough to let you know up front. My first wife and I broke it off after 8 years of being together and that sent me into a bad place (you were never legally married, and the relationship was five years not eight. Eight years from when you and I started working together would have put you in high school. You always told me you met her when you were 19, not 17 unless you lied about it. She would have been 22 at the time and if you did begin your relationship when you were 17 itwould have made her a statutory rapist herself, so maybe you did blur those details a bit to protect yourself. Either way, for someone to accuse me of making up a relationship that never happened, it’s weird to be so inconsistent with your own previous relationship.) and I even told you that I don’t want a relationship just a friend with benefits. I even told you that if she wanted me back I would be with her in a heartbeat and you said “lets hope that day never comes”.(I did say that because we were joking back and forth prior to the conversation switching to a serious nature. Once I realized you wanted to have a serious discussion I encouraged you to pursue repairing your “marriage”. Which I already wrote about months before this comment)

Now about these blogs that are about me, first off you were never raped, matter of fact if I recall the next morning when I said to you “you are not going to read too much into this are you” and you said “no are you?” plus if I recall right you came over that next night. (This is a true account of the first time we were together after our fist fight and falling out, but NOT the account of the assault which occurred as our ACTUAL first time ever, several months earlier. I’m not sure why you left out those first few months we were together other than it verifies my version of events) Actually a lot of your stories are just that stories with new and exciting twists that never happened. Here are some of my favorites I purposed to you, my father speeding, my mother changing clothes or dressing down to make you feel better that’s my #1, you being raped, my current wife slashing your tires, that I could possible cut/hurt myself, (this one wasn’t written by me or about you at all, and I called you out about freaking out over it)suffer from depression, night terrors funny that hasn’t happened in 10 years for some reason, you helping me through anything the only thing you help was you opening your legs when I asked, and this could go on and on. (Everything else is accurate to my memories of events. You did admit to lying to me just to get me in bed in a private email, so I’m willing to say some things I shared are untrue. Not because I created them, but because you did. If you lied and I trusted you, recounting your lies makes me foolish not crazy) You and only have made yourself remind yourself about the past but your stories are not 100% true, why is that? (They are 100% true from my point of view. Difference in perception does not a liar make. Also, PTSD is what keeps me coming back. Duh, read the DSM diagnosis criteria) Personally for me I could care less, and you know that. I mean you were never important to me, write all you want about me and make up more stories. HAVE A BLAST! I just don’t understand, no I am dumbfounded that you actually have a man that cares about you and three children now I guess? A family to care about but you would rather announce to the world that you still love me and care for me and that I am not being loved right. Also that there is some chance in a very cold and dark hell that I am going to feel like “WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING”. The answer to that is no I would take my chances swimming across a shark infested ocean with an open wound than to ever be with you. Its like the song I don’t care, “If you were dead or still alive I don’t care”. This bullshit of you desperately trying to get into, be apart of, or around my life is OVER.(I’m blogging 200 miles away, in a different state, recollecting my own thoughts and feelings. I’m not tagging you, I’m not sending you emails or making weird phone calls or whatever else you’ve accused me of. I’m writing, you choose to be here reading. Hmm… Who’s inserting themselves where?) I don’t care if you call me and say your kids are in that burning building, over there! I will hang up, walk away, never speak to you. I don’t want to be friends with you, I HATE you WAY TOO MUCH! When I mean HATE, its the deepest HATE AVAILABLE because when I asked you to please leave me and my wife/family members alone and to stay out of our lives, you kept pushing through as if you were making some sort of progress, like a “I am almost apart of his life”.You caused me and my wife to go through some hard times as if you had a chance if Jess and I were to split but we have came out stronger and happier. When the days comes that you leave this earth is the day I am truly at peace. I don’t want you to talk to me, my family, be around be family or anything just move on with your life, oh wait you can’t. I want you to pretend that I don’t exists. I have one major regret in life and that is meeting you. I wish I would have never told Steve to send me to Lebanon, doesn’t mean we would not have met but if I could take that away I wish I could. Matter of fact I wish I never left Rent a Center then I would have never worked for taco bell and problem solved we would have never meet and you and you psycho mother would still be stalking Little Jon (*Littlejohn) at Kings Island Taco Bell. The cherry on this is I hope somebody investigates the Little Jon thing and finds out how crazy you really are.(Yes, because rumors from a tiny Taco Bell franchise that no longer exists are such substantial proof that I was ever involved in any sort of “stalking”. It might help if you want someone to investigate if you could spell his name correctly. Don’t worry, I cleared it up for you when I went to the police myself.)I wish I never met you and I just kept my dick in my pants, but NO you were easy. (You and me both, buddy. Keeping your dick in your pants and never asking Steve to assign me to TYLERSVILLE to work with you, would have saved me a lot of grief. I would have just offed myself being overwhelmed with my mom’s bullshit if you hadn’t been there to save me. Winning for everyone!!!)
 I mean if I was this horrible person all this time and a sexual abuser then why be around me and live with me for 2 YEARS! I mean come on that makes no sense what so ever. “Help me you raped me, oh wait its love, I love you” Kelli you telling everyone that I sexually abused you then proceeding to go over your good times and bad and over the years should prove to readers you are FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD. It makes no sense but “You hurt me so you raped me, you rapist!”(That’s why I went to therapy in the first place. I didn’t understand why I loved someone who raped me, and abused me. According to science everything you just listed there is proof that the mental damage you caused was real. Go figure.)I wish I could go back to Andre’s driveway and break it off with you when you wanted too.(Another thing we agree on. Why the hell didn’t you just fucking end it when youhad the opportunity? The first time we talked about it I was a mess, I already dealt with that, and even wrote about it here. Standing in Andre’s drive way all you had to do was say no, it’s over and we could have gone on our merry way separate from each other with out all this drama and animosity.)There was a reason why I lived with Andre and not you because I did not want to be with you plus I was with someone else. There was a reason that you had my dog because my parents could not take care of him because they were out of the country but when they got back, SURPRISE my father came and picked him up. (Nope, I went up to your parents house and dropped him off. The look of horror on your dad’s face when he realized you hadn’t broken up with me was priceless. He was PISSED) Also if I raped you then why be with a predator? Strange when I was with Jess for the first time I was nothing but a gentlemen and asked her, “Is this okay”,” Are you sure you want to do this”, and my favorite “can I kiss you”. (I’m not sure how much you can count being gentlemanly going home with a stripper for an orgy with her husband and another girl. She told me when she called me back in 2008. Funny that you BOTH told me you kept calling her Kelli… Not Amanda, Michelle, Lindsey, Stephanie, Sharron, Erin, Angela, Annabell, or Carol… Kelli. But I guess that makes sense knowing I was just the person that you fulfilled your sexual fantasies with)Because my Father taught me to always ask before doing anything. (This is true. Your father is a good man. Too bad he wasn’t around enough for his manners or morals to rub off on you. I will say after this I understand why he is/was so hard on you) You may be asking yourself “if you don’t care as much as you say then why are you responding? I am glad you asked! You see your readers only get the made up fictional version as if you were a victim of sexual abuse. I want your readers for once read what I have to say but I am sure you will be a coward and will take it down. And what is this PTSD bullshit you are talking about?(The PTSD I’ve had since I was 4 because of my mothers abuse? The PTSD that’s always had very little to do with you, aside from the way it kept me from emotionally dealing with the way you treated me? The PTSD which repressed the memories of the violence, and details of the rape until 2013 when I started therapy? The PTSD I’ve been officially diagnosed with, and is written multiple times in my medical records since 2013? That one? Yes… Well…)The only PTSD you would have is when I lied to you and told you I was in Colorado (You told me you were in Nevada, not Colorado. You can’t even keep your own lies straight anymore)for 2 more weeks but really was home in Ohio coming back from Michigan with my wife from visiting her family and when I got to Detroit I decided right then and there its time to break it off with you and I wanted nothing to do with you. (When your dad made you call me to break it off, yes. You were thrilled making that phone call) I remember the conversation, its was like you knew it was coming,(your dad again) and then you started crying as if that had an effect on me. Right there when I said “its almost like you knew it was going to happen”, because you knew that day would come. When you said I love you I would say I don’t and then you would say can you pretend because it would make me feel better. (Hmm… Now it’s interesting that you avoided the first few months we were together at the beginning of this debate, starting with our “dating” relationship, but here you do goback to those first few months. This was a few weeks post rape when I was super fucked up emotionally. I did and said a lot of unhealthy things during that time, leading up to our eventual fist fight and falling out. I’ve addressed that in my writing) That should have been my red flag to get the hell out of there. I don’t believe you anymore or trust you anymore and If you are really sick,PTSD, or mentally unstable because I don’t care. I cant deal with your lies, fictional stories, or your desperate attempts anymore. (So stop reading, and sending people in to spy on my life??) Jess and I have tried friendly talking,you getting closure, and saying we want to help so you leave us the FUCK alone and nothing is or wanting is helping you.(Have you tried going the fuck away and letting me deal with my shit my own way? I guarantee that will help everyone out. Give that a try) Maybe its you can only help the people who wants to be helped, and you Kelli do not want help. You desperately try to get under my wife’s skin, push her buttons, and or get a reaction out of her because YOU KNOW SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD GIVE A SHIT! NO one else gives a shit, comments on your post or shows any interest.(What the hell even is this blurb? You admit she’s obsessed, but I’m the one to blame for your suffering?) Also just to answer the what if question of if Jess was never in the picture would Kelli be in the picture? I am glad you asked because I only told one person about this. From the beginning I planned on leaving Kelli once and for all. When I left and or came back from the USAF, yes I meet Jess while in the Air Force but we did not announce our love until after the new year. We hung out a lot but as i did not say I love you until it got closer for me to leave the base. But before that I came back to Ohio for winter break and I was dating a fitness Girl named Amanda, and her and I saw each other the whole time I was back. Dinner, movies, romantic walks, ice cream. remember when keebler and I made a huge deal about dropping you off on new years eve because you were underage, yeah Amanda was waiting for me. (You must have done this with all of your girlfriends when you came back, because we did this too. We saw Sweeny Todd. You hated it. We also participated in all the various Christmas celebrations with our families and your friends. FYI: Everyone got really tired of theway you were treating me at the end. Wes told me you were cheating when you went outside to take a call at Waffle House, and Keeb stopped teasing me and told me to dump your ass when you went into Speedway and left us sitting in the car. That would be why I had tears on my face when you got back and he was pretty much quiet the rest of the way back to my apartment. Steve told me you came home early too, but when I confronted you about all of thoseaccusations you denied them. Keeb was just pissed at you for being a douche, Steve let it slip before he realized I didn’t know, but Wes… I should have listened to Wes. He was just looking out for you. Everyone knew we didn’t have a healthy relationship, but no one aside from Wes really cared enough to call you out. Besides all of that, remember when we were arguing about going to the laundromat on New Years Eve, and I accused you of going to see another girl? Not a sarcastic joke. I was confronting you. I already knew the truth. Instead of just being honest with me, you caved and helped me with the laundry. Plus you told me about Amanda practically a million times!! I didn’t remember her name, until you wrote this out but I did remember it started with an A. I thought it was Angela… unless there was an Angela in there too with all the other girls. “This girl at the bar, Amanda, was sitting on my lap and threw red glitter on me. I was pissed. I told her I had a girlfriend to get away from me, but she didn’t listen.” When I heard a girl in the background of our phone calls? I asked who it was every single time and every single time you told me it was Amanda. When you would get distracted on your phone, and I asked who you were talking to and you answered “my girlfriend” WHEN I WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU AND MY PHONE DIDN’T RING. You told on yourself forever before anyone else told me. Come on, dude! I was definitely foolish to stay with you, but I wasn’t stupid. I ignored your cheating, but I knew about it from day fucking one. Confronting you isalso why I called you a million times on New Years because I heard you with her in the back ground the first time you answered and immediately hung up on me. Remember how I packed your bags,including all of our photos together and everything else that reminded me of you? But you came home, apologized for not answering my calls, dried my tears, unpacked your bag and held me until I fell asleep. I should have kicked you out and never looked back)As it got closer to leaving to go back to my base Amanda told me was falling for me and she wanted to be series (*serious)when I get back. My eyes were set on Jess but if I could not have her then I could settle. You see Kelli was never going to be in the picture even after the multiple fake pregnancy scares, when we had sex and she desperately tried to get pregnant, having sex with me while I sleep, (Now this one straight up made me laugh out loud.Actually, when I wasn’t interested in fucking you, your go to manipulation was always “I’ll cum inside you” because I did want kids with you. Thank God that never happened!! I’m not sure what all this “fucking you in your sleep” business is about, because that was always your thing. I’d be asleep and you’d come home to have your way with me whether I was entirely awake, consenting or not. My husband can’t even kiss me on the forehead after I’ve fallen asleep now, thanks to your weird sleep sex fantasies. Those times can also be considered rape if we want to get super technical. That would bring the tally up to four that I can remember, and God only knows how many more times I didn’t partially wake up or have any memories. I’d say multiple non consenting sex acts would most DEFINITELY classify our relationship as sexually abusive among other things) and my favorite is when we were at a mall and she wanted to look at rings and I said “Well that’s never going to happen”. (After discussing plans for marriage and our future the night before, which is why I suggested it in the first place. Pretty obvious now that was just bullshit, my bad. What about that afternoon we went to Lorelei looking for rings before Christmas? Hmm? After eating our ice cream and stopping to visit your mom at work.) I truly wonder if your husband knows that he is second best to me, because if I were him and you started proclaiming you love to another guy, talking about/blogging about another guy that you cant get over mind you, I would leave your ass so quick. (Would you? Would you leave some one who constantly reminds you of an ex? Hmm… Don’t think so, because if your wife is the only one who reads my blog… And has for nearly a decade, you swear you want me out of your life, but you haven’t left her the only one keeping me in your life. But that’s what I said here to begin with) Personally I don’t have to cause you pain or remind you about painfully memories, you do it for me. Regardless of what you think or believe what really happened in your life Kelli I personally and only me WINS everyday because you put yourself through your own shit, depression, misery, PTSD, and GOD knows what else and I get to hear how horrible your life is and it brings a smile to my face and if that is not CHECKMATE then i don’t know what is. On an ending note you never had Jess in CHECKMATE either just in case you forgot she has the lest name Helt you have Hale. CHECKMATE KELLI! 

I almost didn’t date my husband because of the similarities between our names honestly. I knew, just knew, that you’d take issue with it being so similar. Thanks for that. I also love that you think the game I was referring to had you as the prize. 

I’ve never needed you to love me, I’m fine on my own. I wanted to show you why you deserve to love yourself. The very first time we were in the car together coming back from picking up product at King’s and you played your favorite song, telling me how much you related to it, that’s thefirst moment my heart broke for you. Explaining to me about your Badtz Maru shirts, telling me all the stories about being lonely and ostracized as a kid because you were different, those moments are what kept me around. Maybe it was all just bullshit to earn my sympathy, and I was just gullible enough to fall for it. Sure, but having a huge issue with me, and my capacity to forgive you after everything you put me through, speaks volumes more than these words you wrote.

LOVE YOUR GODAMN SELF. Love your goddamn, SELF. I don’t want your love, I don’t want your friendship, I don’t wantyou back. I never, NEVER, want to see, speak or read from you again. I loath your attention and wish to all things holy that you would finally leave and stop hanging around the fringe of my life the way you have been for almost a decade. 

When I first published this last summer, I still felt a lingering need to validate my own experiences with him, my abuser. He denied them so vehemently yet I know that my memories are as accurate as memories can be ten years removed from the events themselves. I felt my words, and my need to validate my experiences burning in the back of my mind.

It was shortly after discussing other events with my therapist that this realization hit me: the only thing I know for certain about this man who took up so much of my young adulthood is that he is a compulsive liar. He can’t be trusted to tell the truth, even if his life/livelihood/marriage depends on it. As such, his current wife and her experiences with him don’t invalidate my own. On the other side of the coin, her experiences aren’t any less valid either because he can’t be trusted.

That’s very important to remember in the transition from victim to survivor. Your experiences are valid. Full stop. It’s the one thing that I’ve struggled with more than anything else over the course of my healing adventure. Maybe my rapist really did change after he left the military. Maybe he’s never been dishonest, unfaithful, violent, and abusive to his current wife the way that he was to me and  handful of other women. I haven’t been directly involved in his life for many years, and it’s possible that what we experienced in our short time together was a fluke or lapse in his character.

Regardless of whether the experience I shared with him is a reflection of his true character; it doesn’t invalidate what happened. He raped me. He abused me. He struggled with black outs/night terrors/dissociation/brain injury/something that caused him to become violent toward me at random. He has no memories of many of those aforementioned events. Those are my experiences with him, and I’m done tiptoeing around about it.

SAAM: Survivor Story Pt 2

I wish I hadn’t seen his struggle.

I wish I could look back and only remember the ugly times.

The times he abused me.

The times he neglected me.

The times he abandon me.

I wish I didn’t have to see the times he cried.

The times he was vulnerable.

The times he was scared.

The times he was human.

I wish I could only remember the monster.

I wouldn’t be left with the crippling doubt.

Was it the humanity protecting me in my weakest moments?

Or was it the predator, merely defending his prey?

I wish I didn’t see the difference between them.

Two souls, trapped in one body.

I wish I could hate him.

I wish I could blame him.

I wish… I wish… I wish.


SAAM: We Are Humanity

Looking back on things is hard, especially when you’ve started to heal. You can see those choices that were made in haste and through unhealthy thought processes glaring at you like red flashing becons. They seem to say: “HELLO, THIS WAS A HORRIBLE LIFE DECISION. REMEBER THIS FOREVER.” Today is one of those days for me.

A simple phone call changed the course of my life. I had the opportunity to ignore it, but I chose not to. I chose instead to answer it and wander my way back into the manipulative clutches of my abuser. I really hadn’t even paid much attention to the date itself until I found my old paper journal. Yes, in the days before blogging I kept a pile of paper journals. Lol. I kind of wish I hadn’t found it.

If I hadn’t found it I would have just had a window of the entire month to reflect on, but now zeroing in on a single day has made my regret over 9000x stronger. Looking back at young me, still full of life and innocence rearing to take on the world and how completely oblivious I was makes me laugh/cry. But you know, that’s how it works. That’s the cycle of abuse, and why so many people in outwardly abusive relationships (not specifically romantic, any relationship between two people) don’t just leave.

It’s a learning process. Something you have to grow into, especially in a society that doesn’t always recognize abuse for what it is. Sure it’s obvious if your partner beats you, that’s abuse. Everyone can see that as abusive, but what often gets lost in the cracks is the emotional, and sexual abuse. Those two facets of any relationship are fairly private. Not something that people discuss or others can immediately see unless they know what they’re looking for. All forms of abuse are destructive, but it’s the hidden abuse that seems to be the most dangerous.

While we are slowly turning a corner as far as empowering victims and general awareness society as a whole still turns a relatively blind eye to the abuses one can’t immediately see. Many people would step in if a man was physically beating his female partner on the street, but if he was emotionally barrading her no one would give it a second thought. Much the same as the first scenario, if a woman was being sexually assaulted on a street corner many people would step in to help, but if a woman is trapped in her own home being made to perform sexual activities against her will rarely does anyone feel the need to take a stand.

It can’t be a two way street. The results of abuse are the same, no matter what the circumstances are. The only way it’s ever going to change is if we as victims start talking about it. We are not just some statistical jargon filed away in a research lab, we are humanity.


SAAM: Survivor Story Pt 1

The memories are missing but the pain is still there. I can remember before and after but none of the in-between. I’ve been warned that over time I’ll remember more. It will be hard but as my brain gets older the block will whither. As will the the blocked out memories of my dad beating up my mom.

I was so small, around 7 years old. My brother came home from playing basketball with a friend, Ray. My brother and Ray are in the living room whispering and giggling.

I lay curled up next to my mom in my long oversized tshirt. That’s what I always wore around, just a single extra large tshirt and my Barney panties. I was feeling sleepy and was just about to doze off when my brother told me to follow them, they had something to show me.

I fumbled around, drowsily, behind my brother to his bedroom. Ray was already there, his shirt suddenly missing. My brother closes the door and tells me he has something to show me and that I can’t say anything. It’s very important that I never say anything and that its gonna be a secret. That’s when he starts to unzip his pants…

Suddenly im on the floor, curled up and scared. I hear Ray tell my brother he should take me back to the living room, put me with my mom. I can feel the tears in my face and im shaking.

My brother takes me to the couch and I lay back down next to my mom. I don’t sleep. I just kind of sit there, and stare. Until eventually I drift off into some kind of sleep.

I stopped talking much after. I stopped smiling too. I became very disobedient and angry. I can remember going into the office and having CPS ask me if anyone has ever touched me. But I say no. Probably because I can’t remember anything happening, so I assumed nothing happened. Still, there is an empty void and sadness I can’t shake. A constant fear that dwells within me, unyielding. I go through my whole life afraid of boys, afraid of sex, deathly afraid of RAPE and being RAPED. I can’t even walk down the street alone without being terrified.

When I got married and lost my virginity, sex was always painful. Sometimes in the middle Id have panic attacks and have to stop. The pain was always so unbearable. Even so much as fingers penetrating me hurt badly. I hated sex… I avoided it as much as I could.

Finally, when I was 24 years old I went to the doctor and got help. I admitted everything and started crying and told that I didn’t even know if anything happened because I can’t remember. But sex hurts so bad and im so scared of it! They did an exam and found lots of scar tissue near my cervix and in the entrance.

The hardest part of finding out there was actually trauma was telling my mother. To see her cry and breakdown and feel like she had failed me. It is so hard to see your hero like that. I’ve loved my mom more than anything my whole life… And to see her say she wishes she could hurt her own son hurts. To see her think she is a terrible mother hurts so much. She is not. It was not her fault as much as it wasn’t my fault. And my dad, well he doesn’t know. He doesn’t because if he did, I would only ever see him in an orange jumpsuit until the day he died. He’d never get to meet his grandchildren because he’d be in jail for murder.

I underwent surgery to remove this scar tissue. Paired with therapy, I feel like I’m doing tons better. Sex is no longer the most painful thing in the world and I can get intimate up to 2 or 3 times a month now. Which seems so little, but when you were only doing it once every 3 or 4 months, that is a huge difference and lots of progress.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. I also suffer from Bipolar and Anxiety disorder. These things make sexual trauma that much harder to deal with. It’s exhausting. But im making strides and pulling through it slowly. I’ve become so strong. Im not afraid to say it now…

I was raped.

It is not okay. It is never okay.

If you have suffered from such a thing, speak out. It never helps anything to hold it all in, it only tears you apart and hurts you even more. Let it go, love yourself, know it’s not your fault and you don’t deserve it.

You are beautiful and whatever happened to you does not define you and never will.


Kelli Goes to Court

Another old post that didn’t make it to publication last year. I held this one waiting to see the outcome of reporting my rape to law enforcement. Since things have pretty much settled down on that front I felt comfortable publishing the details of my case here. Not that I have any details that will affect the case. It’s still open, but it’s not likely to move forward. Unless my assailant has another mental breakdown followed by several WTF moments and gets caught anyway. Possible? Yes. Probable? Not likely. At least he’s not likely to pursue me anymore if his head gets away from him again. I’ve accepted the “end” to my case. But now I feel comfortable publishing it too. 

Omg this summer has been ridiculous. I’ve spent more time in legal battles over the past summer than I’ve ever been entangled in the court system before in my life. Now that I can finally talk about it…

The whole thing started with my mom and the assault. That was weird being swept up by the state and county prosecutor tumbled headlong into the most drawn out, court case I’ve ever seen. Of course before that incident I hadn’t been involved in any court preceedings lol. I’ve always been threatened with things, but this was the first time I actually went through everything.

Then, our builder tried to ghost us and leave our contract in limbo. That was an entire fiasco in itself holding everything up as far as purchasing a new home went. So I’ve got criminal court over here with my mom, and small claims court over there with the builder. I wanted to take it further and report him to the licensing board, county, state, BBB, you name it but I couldn’t because everything was in Hubs’ name. He just wanted to be done so we could buy a home. The more rational decision for sure, but my inate sense of justice was crushed. That happens a lot so I’m rather used to it by now lol.

THEN… things exploded with my ex and I finally filed a report about the rape/abuse I endured during the beginning stages of our relationship. That was the icing on the cake so to speak. The entire reason I ended up reporting the incident in the first place is because we got into an argument here on my blog. Instead of leaving me alone after we each said our piece, he continued to pursue me by sending me several emails. He wasn’t threatening by the legal definition, but his intentions were clearly implied. I responded to his emails asking that he discontinue further contact. He didn’t. So I called the police and submitted all of our most recent contact for them to review. Of course the fight we got into was about my S.A.A.M. advocacy and finally speaking up as a victim of a violent crime at his hand.

During the entire fiasco with two different police departments trying to get everything sorted out in the right jurisdiction, several officers asked me if he had indeed raped me. I answered honestly that he had which is why I began writing about it in the first place. The only thing that each jurisdiction could agree on is that I needed to go forward and file the report making my claims official. Off I went to a THIRD jurisdiction to file the report. It had been almost eleven years since the crime had occurred at that point, and while I was within the statute of limitations for that jurisdiction they still didn’t have enough physical evidence to build a solid case. The investigation is still technically open, and each jurisdiction has my name and contact information so I can testify if he finds himself in trouble again.

Which is absolutely killing me. I only wanted to take the appropriate steps to get him to leave me and my family alone. Now I’m wrapped up in three different jurisdictions for at least nine more years when the statute expires on my case. I appreciate the effort made by each officer, prosecutor and victims advocate I spoke to. They want to help me. They know that I’m a victim, but their hands are tied in bureaucracy. I don’t have any physical evidence that is solid enough for the US legal system to go on. It’s enough for law enforcement to verify that I’m not making false accusations, but it’s not enough for the lawyers and prosecutors to take the case in front of a judge.

It’s political. No one stands to gain anything from my case going forward. They’re keeping it on the back burner on the off chance that they need something highly publicized to boost their career. Maybe during the next election cycle the file will be opened again, but until then I’m just left in limbo with countless other victims who couldn’t come forward immediately or didn’t have “enough evidence” when they did. It’s disheartening to say the least, but it’s the way things are. This is why I continue my advocacy. This is why I keep on telling my story. It may not make a difference in my lifetime, but it will make a difference over all. Eventually the politicians won’t be able to ignore the Voice of the Innocent any longer.

SAAM: Denim Day 

There was an ad displaying the exploitation of Denim Day that came across my feed on Facebook a few weeks ago. At first I was more confused than offended. I knew Denim Day was associated with SAAM and sexual assault awareness in some way, but everything I had seen about it didn’t share the real reason behind why Denim was so important to the cause. It didn’t especially stand out since most women wear Denim as a casual fashion choice, so choosing Denim seemed like a weird choice to bring awareness to anything.

I did a little digging into the event and found that in the late 90’s a young Italian girl was assaulted, her assailant arrested, tried, and convicted but the conviction was over turned at the judges discretion based on the personal opinion “her Denim jeans were too tight, and she would have had to help her attacker take them off, which would imply consent.”

In response to this outrageous decision all of the women in the Italian Parliament showed up to work the next day in Denim jeans, showing their solidarity for this poor girl. The event was international news, and once it reached the US, it started with our own women in government on the West Coast eventually spreading to a nationally organized awareness day.

It kind of knocked the wind out of my sails there learning the origins of the event. It also really surprised me that it wasn’t more widely publicized. The event itself is all over the place, but the origins aren’t widely discussed. I guess when it’s been ten years people would just assume that everyone already knew or remembered what happened.

It also made me very angrad. I’ve made up my own word to describe the feeling between angry and sad. I was sad because while the intentions of Denim Day are good,  the beginning has been lost after so many years unless you take the time to research as I did.

I am angry that a high ranking legal official could make such an outrageous claim that this poor girl had to help an older adult man remove her jeans and allow him to assault her. Or that the removal of her clothing at all some how implied consent.

In my own personal experiences my pajama pants were removed once, and during the second assault none of my clothes were completely removed at all, merely pushed aside. That right there should have been the biggest indication that the second assault was completely intentional, not a semilucid case of mistaken identity. I guess it was fairly obvious to everyone else except myself clinging to my attackers lies for dear life until I was ready to accept what really happened.

I wish soceity would just drop this “what where you wearing” bullshit already. In Islamic countries where women are covered from head to toe rape is still a prevalent crime. It has nothing to do with clothing of any kind, anywhere! The crime of rape is committed when a predator makes the decision to put their own sick pleasure and gratification ahead of another person’s humanity. Gender is irrelevant. Men can be sexually assaulted and raped too, by other men or by women.

In the mind of a predator, a burlap sack could be seen as provocative, because they don’t see another human being before they attack. They only see themselves and how good it will feel, or how their sick sexual urges will be satisfied. That is the true root of this issue. I’ve said it before once this month and I’m going to say it again: it’s predator vs prey. Not man vs women, or man vs miniskirt, or woman vs man, man vs man, women vs woman no! None of that. It’s personal responsibility. Clothing is just a convienet scapegoat used by those too ashamed, or cowardly to face up to their own actions.

Think about that today, Denim Day 2017, before you put on those jeans.

SAAM: Born for Greatness 

If there was a theme song for SAAM 2017 I think it should be this. Every time I listen to it, I think of all the other survivors of sexual assault out there bravely sharing their stories against opposition, victim blaming, and shaming. Fighting through the mental illness that often accompanies survival of any trauma. Even those who carry the secret within them, unable to share their stories for whatever reason.

We’re not just statistics. We’re not nameless, we’re not faceless. We were born for greatness.

SAAM: The Hardest Part

The hardest part of recovery from sexual assault, at least for me, has been defining my feelings towards my attackers. The first assault happened, and shortly after my assailant disappeared from my life. He never stuck around after the fact, which I think is what’s helped me “get over it” so quickly. Well that, and the fact that I haven’t been able to recall the full memories of what happened. I only have bits and pieces here and there, beyond that the rest of it is lost. I focus mostly on my second assault for SAAM, and all of my other awareness endevours because that’s the one that I have been able to remember. Having complete memories of it has made the impact on my life much more profound than the first assault. Forming a relationship with my rapist, battling feelings of genuine love vs anger. Knowing that I was merely an object to him, but choosing to believe his lies of love and a future together instead.

All of those things, consistently rattle around in my head after a triggering event. Not daily, thank God, but consistently every time I’m triggered. You know the things that hurt the most? It’s not memories of the trauma. I can sit here and preach about that all day long without shedding a tear now that I’ve accepted it and moved forward. It’s the memories of the good times. The days when he treated me well, and did everything right. Everything that you would expect from a genuine, loving, partner who truly cared about your well being. The reasons I fell in love with him despite the assault and the cheating and every other toxic, abusive trait he displayed. The days that kept me from completely losing my shit and going insane. The very same days that he now uses against me, trying to disprove my claims of abuse and rape. Those things hurt more than any trauma he ever put me through.

I thought I was prepared to deal with that facet of my recovery journey as I gather my writing for my book, but I’m not. I’ve been working on one chapter all week, and I just can’t move forward. There are no written words to convey my feelings, to describe his deception accurately with out tearing open the wounds all together in the first place. Reliving those good memories boil my blood. I know, it’s pretty much opposite of how most people react. The fact that he raped me doesn’t inspire the same level of anger as the fact that he aided in the repression of my memories by being a perfect example of a gentleman the next time we were together. That brings out my Hulk Smash.

The fact that so many people look at our relationship collectively and can only see either the black or white forgetting that the reality I live with is firmly mired in grey. I didn’t just experience horrors unspeakable with this man, staying with him out of some misguided cognitive dissidence or codependency. There were an abundance of good days too.

On his good days he did live up to every expectation that someone looks for in a potential partner. He took care of me when I was sick, he helped around the house, he called me through out the day just because, he paid for most meals unless I insisted otherwise, he interacted well with most of my family, he even dropped my little sister off at prom because she didn’t have a date and didn’t want to show up alone.

And he raped me, he cheated on me consistently, he lied to me about our relationship. He used me, took full advantage of my innocence, robbed me of what could have been some of the best years and experiences in my life and never even thought twice about it. Well, no I can’t say he never thought about what he was doing, because he did. He just never acted on putting a stop to it until the very last possible second, for whatever his own reasons may be.

All of those things are true. I know now that the likelihood of his good days being genuine is a stretch at best. They were probably just something convenient to keep me around, the typical cat and mouse, predator and prey scenario. My intellegence KNOWING that, and my emotions FEELING that aren’t cooperating and it really kind of pisses me off. More so as time marches forever forward putting more distance between me and the events of my past.

Making things infinitely worse are those well intentioned folks who ask me: “He raped you, how the hell can you still have compassion for this guy? He deserves to rot in jail! He’s a slime ball! Revenge! Karma! Anger!” Who immediately jump to the conclusion that I must not be telling the truth about some facet of our relationship when I tell them I don’t necessarily want him to suffer, even though I want accountability for his crimes.

It’s like that song I shared a few weeks back. Everyone was supportive, and excited when I shared something stating that rapists should suffer, but the article I posted stating how it was wrong to wish rape on rapists went ignored as if there is something wrong with reaching the level of healing that transcends anger. Because moving forward past the stage of anger is merely a part of the healing process. It’s a part of the process that many people never reach, but when those of us that do are ridiculed for it… it’s really no wonder why.

I have experienced the anger that so many other survivors use to fuel their movement forward. I recognize that I’ve been victimized by this guy on more than one occasion. I understand that having compassion, and offering my forgiveness does nothing to change the situation current or past between us. I get it. I just don’t have that lingering hatred or anger that society thinks I should have, as a “genuine” victim of this kind of crime, and in a way it makes me feel even more broken. Then I have to wonder if the abuse was really so bad that my anger response has been completely brainwashed out of me. If I am really that “crazy” to forgive despite the atrocities.

That’s been the hardest and only part of my recovery that I can’t seem to master, no matter how hard I try. Love, hate. Black, white. Up, down. Jeckle, Hyde. Yes, no. Or something in the middle… I do know for 1000% sure, that I never want to see, speak to, or hear from him again. Whatever compassion, fond memories, or nostalgic stories about our time together I might have, will never change that. Even if I do have them lingering through my conscious thoughts anytime I’m triggered.

Guest Post: Sex Sells. Sex Crimes? The Media Decides

Next up on my guest Post roster for SAAM is NCthomas of Thinky Thoughts. She answered my call for guest bloggers, and I was instantly impressed with her writing. I’m glad I have the opportunity to share her thoughts with you all! Please stop by her blog and check out some of her other wonderful writing.


Sex Sells. Sex Crimes? The Media Decides

It feels like a daily occurrence that we hear or read about another sexual attack being committed. It can be from the national outrage of TV personas abusing their position of power, fame, fortune and popularity to the live rape of a woman on social media How the British media tackle the subject is a mixed bag.

The first story mentioned above is about the once so-called “British national treasure” (I guarantee not any longer) Jimmy Savile. The crimes Savile committed are wholly unbelievable and it is hard for anyone to fully take in the scope of what this man did to children, women and even, it has been claimed, corpses. I know what you are thinking when you look at photos or clips of the man; you’re thinking, “Are you kidding me Brits? You guys were shocked at finding this out? I mean, look at him!” I know what you’re saying. In fact, I agree. You only have to watch clips of Savile and how he conducted himself around young teenage women to know this man’s behaviour was not okay. In fact, it was wholly fucking unacceptable. Like this (please beware, that for some this may be distressing) clip for example

I was born later than the generation who revered Savile and so I really can’t comment on what people were thinking when they saw this kind of behaviour, or if they even noticed. What I can tell you though is that, as a nation, we were shocked and appalled by the magnitude of his crimes (which finally came to light in 2012), and not just that, but the institutions who helped cover for him.

When the story was finally released and it was out that Savile was a sexual predator, the reporting media, both print and television, joined us in our shock and disgust. A question arose: “How did this man get away with this for so long?” And that’s when the real horrible truth emerged. Not only was this man connected to very powerful people, he was also protected by powerful organisations: media organisations.

Dame Janet Smith, a UK judge, conducted an investigation into Savile and the BBC. And the shit hit the fan. Turns out that rumours had been around for years about Savile and what he was doing. It was quoted that victims never came forward with allegations due to an “atmosphere of fear” at the BBC where Savile’s career was most prominent, hosting iconic shows such as Top of the Pops where the live audience was predominantly female teenagers, or Jim’ll Fix It, a show where predominantly young children wrote in for Savile to bring them to the show and make their dream come true. These shows provided access and Smith’s report quoted many who worked for the BBC at a time when Savile did as hearing something about Savile and his actions.

  1. Radio and tv presenter Terry Wogan was approached by a journalist who asked him when Savile was going to be exposed. Wogan’s response to the journalist was that was her job. This journalist, Jean Rook, was known for her outspoken and ballsy reporting. She died in 1991. The allegations against Savile were finally made public was in 2012, Savile died in 2011. (For a timeline into the events please click here )
  2. Roger Cook, an investigative journalist, received anonymous tips that Savile was abusing patients at a hospital he volunteered at. This was in 1980.
  3. TV presenter and journalist Andrew Fleet said Savile and his exploits made their way around the rumour mill of Fleet Street (for non-Brits this is the Mecca of the British media and a lot of the time we call the press Fleet Street). In Smith’s report it is stated that these rumours were seen as amusing.


This is merely three examples of people who work(ed) in the media who seemed to know something about these horrific crimes. There are many more along with prolific celebrities (such as the founder of Childline, a service where children who suffer abuse can call in for support and help,) who were aware of what was going on. The report can be found in full here.

To work in the media is a competitive and, understandably, soul-destroying business. The constant search for that big headline at times can be fruitless, which can lead to utter shite like this , to the illuminating , to just plain lies . So why is it when many were given the opportunity for a big story they never took it and ran with it? I understand the so-called “atmosphere of fear” but all that means is everyone valued their career over doing what was right. That as long as they got a pay-check it didn’t matter that children were being sexually molested.

Obviously the Savile case is a very unique one, and hopefully we never hear of the likes again. So, let’s put that to the side. Let’s, for arguments sake, all agree that because of it’s uniqueness that it isn’t fair to write off the media’s handlings of uncovering sexual assault of any kind. Deal?

Okay. So let’s look at the reporting of other rapes. Less high profile, shall we say. I refer to the second link in my opening paragraph in which a woman was subjected to a gang rape that went on for hours and was streamed on Facebook Live. Did you notice whilst reading the article that in the final of the three bullet points at the beginning and the two final paragraphs of the article that the story mentions other crimes committed on Facebook Live, crimes wholly unconnected and not even under the same category as the one that is being reported upon? The finger swerves to social media and makes it share the blame in this horrendous act. The article has the tone that if it weren’t for Facebook Live then it wouldn’t have happened.

Then there is the coverage of the Stanford rapist in which a female university student was raped by a fellow student. The assailant, Brock Turner, was, quite rightly, vilified by most but there were some, including Brock Turner who chose to blame alcohol and the present culture we live in on his sickening act. Even so, due to the worldwide outrage at this story, the media were hard-pressed to cover this in any other way except for the revealing of a rapist. But there’s always one who can’t help themselves, this article’s headline is quite something and though the article does not actually state that it believes its own headlines, it chooses to go into the semantics of what legally is constituted as rape. It’s message reads as this: “Here’s what to say when this is all over.”

So far I have given examples of rape coverage in the media in which the media reports the actual event. Unfortunately many rape cases are never reported. The latest statistics for England and Wales are that an average of 11 rapes occur an hour and only 15% ever get reported. (At the time of writing this piece, I could not find statistics for Scotland or Northern Ireland.) The reasons behind not reporting these crimes can range from shame to lack of faith in the justice system. But realistically, how do you expect women to report when tv adverts like this are broadcasted on your screens? Why on Earth are messages like this directed to the perpetrator? It’s basically saying “remember not to rape, that’s illegal.” Do we do the same for murder? No! Of course we fucking don’t! It’s plainly obvious – don’t murder! And it’s that simple for rape. It’s that simple everyone. Also, where is the victims voice? If anything, that advert should be the encouragement of victims coming forward and reporting the crime.

Looking at this so far it’s hard to pinpoint what it is that qualifies the subject of sexual assault worth being reported. Considering the media helped cover Savile’s repugnant acts and adding the factor that many attacks go unreported, its easy to assume they don’t widely report on sexual attacks. Well, no actually, nothing grabs headlines better than a sex crime headline, so long as its high profile of course. I don’t need to provide links, just Google it. It’s extraordinary how many come up, particularly if you select the images tab. Yet, the strangest thing occurred only last week in Britain. What could have been a big story, one to instil outrage and disgust amongst the public, to rally us all together and say “well that ain’t happening,” was unreported.

Let me start from the beginning, in the 2015 budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the man responsible for destroying our economy whilst under the guise of trying to fix it) George Osbourne declared changes to the child tax credit system. For non-Brits the best way I can describe child tax credits is it’s a subsidy for people, with children, on low income. It’s found that child tax credit are received by lone parent families and it can be the deciding factor on whether their family eat for the next fortnight. Osbourne declared he would be capping the child tax credit to a maximum of two children. The only people who would be exempt from this restriction would be those who have had multiple children in one birth and victims of rape. In the circumstances of rape victims they have to prove their ordeal occurred in order to be viable for said tax credits. The act was passed last week, without a parliamentary vote, without coverage from the media, without outrage from the public. As the public rely on the media for such information they can be excused. So where were the media? Could it be that it was done so hush hush that even they missed it? No. One paper reported on it. And in some way that made it worse. Because it made it all the clearer that the press knew exactly what had occurred.

I wish I could come up with a decent conclusion to this blog post. I wish I could give some suggestions or some silver lining to it all. The media have a responsibility to not only inform but in some cases educate. We live in a world where we have to broadcast reminders not to rape; where when sexual assault occurs it’s blamed on alcohol and the stresses of the environment we live in; where if someone is caught joking about sexual harassment it’s branded “locker room talk” and “boys will be boys.” The media have this side covered. All the search for is the sensational story. They don’t really want to change the world. Why change the world when you benefit from the misery in it?


NC Thomas is probably the most boring person you’ll ever meet. She loves reading, writing, wearing pyjamas and staying indoors. On sunny warm days, a rarity in Scotland, she is known to put the central heating on.

ncthomasblog.wordpress.com – Thinky Thoughts

SAAM: Why Women Don’t Report Part 2

Yesterday I reposted an article I wrote a few months back focusing on a social media trend #whywomendontreport, which was the blanket many people needed to speak up about their own sexual assaults.

Today I’m going to go a little bit more in depth to my personal story, and why I didn’t go to the police until nearly 11 years after the assault took place. Yesterday I kind of talked about what eventually lead me to report my assault to the police. Today, I’m focusing on why it took so long to do so.

The assault happened one evening in December 2005. I was living with my attacker after enduring an extreme falling out with my mom. (Yes, I’m aware that’s not what my previously published accounts say. We’ll get to that in a moment.) I had literally no where else to go. I was employed full time, but my salary was next to nothing. I couldn’t afford an apartment on my own, but I could afford to pay a few hundred dollars a month to live with a coworker and someone whom I considered a friend.

We shared his bed after I first moved in. I had my own room, but I didn’t own any of my own furniture. He had a mattress stashed in the second bedroom, but it wasn’t made readily available to me at first. Besides that, I felt safe sleeping next to him. THAT turned out to be a giant mistake, but I digress… we were sharing his bed for several weeks after I moved in. We hadn’t discussed any sort of sexual relationship or activity prior to the assault. We were roommates, and being naive as I was I assumed that nothing would change.

After the assault occurred, my entire world was shattered yet again. I say again because  the second reason I ended up moving in with this guy in particular, aside from my financial status, was the fact that I couldn’t endure the verbal abuse from my mother any longer. 

I spent the night with him one evening, just because it was late and I didn’t feel like driving home after spending the evening watching movies. When I woke up the next morning I found several nasty voicemails from my mom which almost pushed me over the edge. It was the first time my life had become so overwhelming that I wanted to end it. If my attacker hadn’t been there to pick me up off the floor, calmed me down, and offered me a place to stay I probably wouldn’t be here writing this. That event is what made me feel safe sleeping next to him, until he raped me anyway. 

 On the heels of my first bout of suicidal thoughts; then being violated in such a personal, and horrible way  by the very same person who had saved me just weeks earlier, I quite literally could not cope with it. The memories were almost instantly repressed, I returned to our apartment, and his bed the next night nary the wiser that something so violent had happened the night before.

Fast forward to the end of our relationship (because we did end up in a consensual sexual relationship AFTER the assault) when I was finally free from the constant triggers that came with living with, and being in love with my rapist; slowly the memories began to resurface. At first they were flashbacks. My current husband would say something or touch me in a certain way while we were intimate and I would have a panic attack, start crying, or just feel an overwhelming depression come over me. I didn’t understand why or what was happening, I just knew certain things and phrases were off limits for a comfortable experience.

Once the flash backs subsided, I was met with these haunting memories in nightmares. The same scene playing over and over again in my head. Hand on my breast, hand between my thighs, pain, sobbing into the pillow. The night mares were much less frequent and not triggered by anything specific like the flashbacks were, but they were still an ever present thing in my subconscious thoughts that I couldn’t understand and couldn’t get rid of.

Eventually, five years after my attacker and I ended our relationship, nearly 8 years after the assault itself had happened the full memories resurfaced. I remembered everything in vivid and graphic detail as if it had happened the day before. I was more confused than anything, doubting the validity of my own memories. It couldn’t be real. This man that I still felt such a strong attachment to so long after the end of our relationship couldn’t also be the man who raped me in such a violent, dehumanizing way.

It was that moment that spurred my initial idea to write everything that I remembered about our relationship down in an effort to heal. I began my journey on my own, unguided. When after a few months of wrestling with it (and enduring massive opposition from my attacker and his current wife who are still here reading my blog) I happened to look up the DSM criteria for PTSD. I don’t remember exactly why or what initiated my google search for information but once I found it, I felt like I was punched in the gut. Reading more in depth about it, was like reading into my own thoughts. All of these things that were swirling around in my head made sense when viewed through the lense of a PTSD diagnosis.

So, I set off to find a mental health professional to see if my hunch was correct. If I did in fact suffer from PTSD, a disorder I had ignorantly believed was only attributed to service men and women in the Military or law enforcement. The very first time I sat down with my therapist to discuss why I felt that I needed to be there. I spoke of the rape and how it caused so much continuing conflict in my life. I couldn’t come right out and say that what had happened was a rape for a long time. Almost a year into my treatment and recovery actually. Speaking to my therapist was the first time I had spoken the word “rape” out loud in a very long time.

It took a lot of soul searching to come forward about what happened to me. Not in the sense of going to the police, but just speaking the words out loud. Telling my story for the sake of being heard and putting the internal emotional turmoil aside. Especially since my attackers current wife began to blame me for her own emotional turmoil after many of the ugly events between her husband and myself came to light. The absolute last thing I ever wanted was to cause him any pain as I went through my healing process. I tried to skirt around the issue as much as possible for a very long time, desperately hoping that she would stop reading.

That day never came, and finally in April 2015 I decided I could wait no longer. I’d put my recovery on hold long enough. So I published for the first time the altered account of what happened. I changed and blurred what I deemed as unnecessary details to give my attacker the benefit of anonymity. I was foolishly trying to protect him from the consequences of his own actions. More than just wanting to protect him, I was also severely concerned as to how he might retaliate for me exposing the last dirty secret between us. After enduring his abusive behavior during and after our relationship I was terrified that if I called him out specifically, that his reaction would be swift, violent and angry.

Much to my relief he pretty much ignored my first retelling of the event, which gave me the courage I needed to continue writing and finally put an end to my own internal turmoil. I had put most of my turmoil to rest until about this time last year. A whole bunch of life situations had put me and my children back in close proximity to my attacker, when I hadn’t been as I began my healing journey. It was the first time we had lived in the same state for nearly ten years, and making things worse we were less than 10 miles apart in neighboring suburbs. Running into each other was pretty much inevitable, and I knew it before we made the decision to move.

Trying to put my mind at ease I contacted a mutual friend and explained my fears. Well, I thought he was a mutual friend, but as it turned out he went directly to my attacker with every single thing I had confided in him making my situation even more volitile that it would have been otherwise. Soon my attacker and his wife were driving by my home, sometimes (but not always) yelling derogatory things in my direction which sent my anxiety into overdrive.

The kids and I moved, not once but twice through out the year. There were other factors contributing to each of our moves aside from my attacker and his shenanigans, but the stress from it all caused me to reach my limit of compassion towards mostly his wife. It was one thing dealing with my attacker being upset, denying everything I had published and recollected about our short life together. I lived with him and know him very well (although he’ll deny that too) I knew what to expect from him. His wife was meddling. She had no business getting involved in something that was clearly an issue between he and I. I could ignore the victim blaming and shaming from him. It isn’t any different than the abuse I’ve already survived. From her? I’d had enough, and I let her have it in a very long, very angry, rant here.

Now that, actually solicited quite an angry response from my attacker. Which makes sense, as he viciously defends his family and always has. There was a time when I was on the other side and he came to my own defense, but this time was the first time I had been on the receiving end. I was actually relieved that he finally dropped his facade and told me the truth about our “relationship” which he had been hiding or twisting around for so long. Before his last rant (which I shared part of yesterday) he had always maintained the “I loved you, but…” explaination for our break up. The “but” changed every time we spoke about it, and never being a consistent story I knew he wasn’t being honest with me. FINALLY having him come out and admit that he had been using me from day one, confirming my suspicions and the conclusions I’d already reached, was exactly what I needed to hear. His intention was to be hurtful, but instead I felt a sense of freedom that I desperately needed to move onto the next phase of healing. Instead of hurting me with his caustic words, he inadvertently provided me with the key I didn’t know I needed to unlock more of my repressed past.

Of course he also verbally attacked my own family and abilities as a wife and mother which I felt the need to respond to. I did, really not feeling any hatred toward him all, merely standing my ground and defending my own. After I hit the reply button and thought about it, I remembered the last time we fought he had attempted to file a false harassment claim against me. I had spoken the reporting police officer several years prior and had been under the impression that charges had been filed, which I was unsure if I had violated by responding to his tirade.

Yes, that’s actually the thing that finally lead me to the police. Making sure I hadn’t broken any laws because my attacker had tried to intimidate me by filing false accusations. THE IRONY IS REAL HERE. I called the local police department and an officer came out to speak to me. I’d printed everything out for him, he checked to make sure no formal charges had been filed and that I wasn’t in violation of anything. He asked me about the assault and if I had ever thought about filing a formal report but beyond that nothing really happened. I wasn’t in violation of anything since no formal charges had been filed against me. It was misinformation from my attacker, and an attempt at intimidation plain and simple. THAT made me angry, so I set about furthering my reply to my attacker’s rant. It wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but my emotions got the best of me. I responded again, linking back to an article I’d written months before the confrontation. I had forgotten that all of my posts here have a limited time frame which comments can be left by the public, at least until I checked my email a few days later and saw a rambling note from my attacker, calling me crazy among other things for having the compassion to forgive him, and the gall to hold him accountable for his crimes. More of the same old story I’ve heard from him for years, both during and especially after our relationship.

I replied respectfully, told him continuing the conversation was pointless and asked that he not contact me further. He ignored my request, and emailed me again, which lead me back to the police. Once again I called the local department and an officer came out to speak with me. This time, the officer that came out suggested that filing a report about the rape would be the best way to build a case and get my attacker to back off.  My attacker was ever so careful with how he worded his emails as to not include anything that fell into the definition of a criminal threat. Every officer I spoke to knew his intent was to threaten and silence me, but none of them could help me in terms of the law.

Basically, I was shuffled from one department to the next. The local police couldn’t do anything more than take a report of the emails and my desire to have communication cease, but if I traveled from my home to the town where the assault took place and filed a report there I was told maybe that department would have different resources available. It took me about two weeks to decide to do it, but eventually I did. I packed up my kids and drove to the town where the assault took place, shuffled all of my kids into the small police station and initiated my report hoping to finally put an end to the years of harassment and bullshit threats from my attacker.

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, especially after reaching out for help before and getting continually shuffled around from department to department. By the time I filed my official report I had been “redirected” four different times by four different jurisdictions. At least the department in the town where my assault had actually taken place took things seriously and didn’t try to pawn me off on someone else. The investigation is ongoing and I can’t discuss the details of actually giving my report and all of that right now. Eventually when things stall or move forward I’ll get around to the specifics.

As if the emotional turmoil wasn’t enough of a struggle to over come before giving my report, I also had logistical issues. Pretty much immediately after my attacker and I ended our relationship I moved out of state. It was another inappropriate coping technique. Instead of facing all of the pain, and working through it immediately as I should have I ran away. I did. I straight up ran away. Hoping to leave everything behind.

If life hadn’t brought me back home, if  my attacker hadn’t threatened to file false accusations against me, if I had never pursued therapy, and the memories never resurfaced, I honestly don’t know if I ever would have pursued filing the report. Especially after so many years and so many different people telling me to just shut up and forget about it, like he was a bully on the play ground not a violent, and abusive criminal. I won’t say that I regret it, because I don’t. I do catch myself sometimes wondering if I did the right thing. If coming forward so many years later was the best way to handle the situation, the best way to end any further harassment from my rapist, or if I’ve only delayed the inevitable. Self doubt constantly creeps in, no matter how much evidence I have to the contrary, how much support I have for pursuing a case against him. 

For the longest time I felt like I was doing something wrong even just by speaking up and not allowing this to pass by unaddressed. It’s only been recently that I’ve realized I’ve never been wrong, but it’s society and the shame continually heaped upon victims of sexually based crimes that is wrong and the only way to change it? Speaking up, loud and proud as long as I am physically able even despite fierce opposition. I am just one tiny voice lost in a sea of different opinions, but my voices matters. Every voice of every survivor matters, and don’t you dare let anyone convince you otherwise.