No Title, Feb 2007

I told you, I’m scarred

Admit to yourself, we will never agree

Why do you do this?

I am anonymous, power to influence

Decide for yourself, your responsibility

Can’t stand the pressure?

Talk with me, don’t influence me.

Letting me down

I promised myself

Can you hear me?

Too many times your eyes told me

I watched you

Your denial and excuses.

If I ask you to stop, who am I?

Struggling to define.

It’s scary

I promised you

I wish, I will

Don’t walk away

Getting out of hand, in trouble

Realize your consequences

What will it take, to

Change your mind

Putting me at risk?

Life is confusing at times

Not my fault

Where are you really going?

Growing up, above the pressure?

Speak, believe, rely

Unable to see

Flooded with indecision

Who understands

We, trust, why?

I told you, I wouldn’t

I promised you

I will

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