The Misadventures of Acrobaby

Hello Bloggies! Yes I have survived a week of hard core cleaning and packing. There is still much to be done at the apartment, but with Kevin helping me this weekend it should go a lot faster. 🙂

In other news, while I was finishing up at the apartment this evening Nora and I were sitting on the couch playing. She had my purse in her hand and she was pulling on the straps. I had my arm behind her to keep her from slipping off the edge, but some how when she pulled back on a strap she gained enough momentum to topple over my arm and onto the floor. It was only a fall from 10 inches, and since she flipped she landed mostly on her butt before rolling back and smacking her head but I have never been more panicked in my entire life. I don’t even think she was on the ground for more than a few seconds before I scooped her up since I was sitting right there, but it completely took my breath away. She fussed for a few moments out of surprise, but she wasn’t hurt. No bumps, knots, bruises or broken bones. THANK GOD. Oh it was terrifying. 

I mean she’s getting to the age where she is incredibly mobile compared to her newborn days so accidents are inevitable, I know, but still. I’m just thankful that it was from the couch at the apartment and not our new couch at the house. If she had fallen from the new couch she would have fallen like sixteen inches onto hard floor. I feel really good about our choice of doctors though after this incident. When I called to make sure Nora didn’t need to be seen right away and was describing what happened the doctor gasped just as if it were her own kiddo that had fallen. Having a doctor who is also a mother just makes things easier, at least in my opinion. 

Oh what else has happened this week? Yesterday there was a strange man in a silver Jetta that took a picture of my house for no apparent reason. I happened to be outside when it happened, and looked up at him asked what he was doing and instead of explaining himself he sped away. I ran after him screaming and yelling for a few houses then I immediately called the police. I mean sure, there are a number of legit reasons that some one could have been taking a picture of my house, but all of those reasons should have included a polite explanation from the photographer. I wasn’t mad that he was taking pictures until he refused to identify himself. I just wanted to know WHY he was taking a picture.

Today some one else pulled up to my neighbor’s house and snapped a picture. I was also outside for that one, and she saw me staring at her trying to figure out what she was doing. Instead of zipping away like a criminal she pulled up to my driveway and explained that she was with a mortgage company and they were doing a mortgage assessment. I told her that some one was taking pictures of my house yesterday and that we didn’t have a mortgage which is why I was suspicious of her. She said as far as she knew it wasn’t some one from her company, but I’m betting since she arrived at nearly the EXACT same time as the Jetta guy that he was from her company and just took a picture of the wrong address. Which kind of put me a little more at ease, but still. She was polite and I didn’t chase her down the street yelling and screaming. Jetta guy was shady and rude thus earning the Wrath of Kelli. Or “Halefire” lol.

Other than that the rest of the week has been pretty boring. lol. I wake up take care of the Little and do chores. lol. Anyway… it’s time to go rouse the Little from her nap to check her out. It’s going to be a long night checking on her every few hours, but I doubt I will be sleeping anyway. Until later Bloggies!

Mailbox Money

So, three years ago I lost my job and fought tooth and nail with US Bank to get some mortgage assistance and rework my payments for my house. We battled it out for 18 months, but in the end I decided that it wasn’t worth it so we surrendered it to them. It wasn’t truly a foreclosure, but it wasn’t exactly a sale either. They gave me money and I moved out. I had default insurance which paid off the remaining balance of the mortgage and that was that. 

During the whole process they kept sending notifications to 1425 Park St, which was NOT my address. It was 1424 Park St. The notices found their way to my house because we live in a small town and the mail carrier guessed that it was supposed to be 1424 since there ISN’T a 1425 and it had my name on it. Either way, it was negligence on the part of the bank for not keeping their stuff in order. Apparently they did this to a lot of people who were more upset about losing their homes than I was. Those people filed a class action law suite. They WON their case, and after careful review of the processes surrounding the whole deal with my house I got a $3,000 check in the mail yesterday as a part of the settlement.  

I mean in all reality we could have taken them to court and fought it on some wishy washy grounds that they took advantage of us and blah blah, but the long and short of it is this. It’s been three years, there is another family living in the house currently, and I’m not about to kick some other family out on the street just because the bank made a mistake three years ago. That and during the whole thing we living in the house for free. I was waiting to hear back about my application for assistance so I never made any payments. It’s not like I was making payments and they started foreclosure proceedings anyway, I wasn’t paying. As far as I was concerned it was just the fault of the bank for everything going to the wrong address, and it was annoying but nothing to start an uproar over. Especially since Kevin’s job was up in the air, we were probably going to be moving sooner than later anyway, and I completely got screwed when I bought the house. It was completely falling apart, should NEVER have passed inspection, and really wasn’t fit to live in. I didn’t discover this until AFTER I moved in and lived there for a little while, but really, it was a blessing in disguise for the bank to mess up like that. 

I was completely content just to be out of there scott free, and now they’re giving me money! For one little digit on an address I got $3,000. In addition to the money they gave me when we moved out! I actually profited more than I paid on the house at this point, and lived there for free for 18 months! lol. 

I am living proof that it pays to be honest and do the right thing. Maybe not right away, but it does. We decided to split it up $1k a piece to spend willy nilly and $1k to save responsibly. I’m feeling very rewarded for my integrity here lately. It’s nice. 🙂 

Until later Bloggies. 🙂

I Don’t Care If You Read This

Bloggies, here’s the deal. I sit down at my computer every morning and type out my posts because writing things down helps me organize my crazy mush of a brain. I wrote for practically a year before I gained my first follower, and even now after switching to WordPress and taking a giant hit as far as views go, I’m still here faithfully writing and not whoring myself out to gain more followers and more views. I’m just writing for me. 

When I address you, (Bloggies) I’m not addressing a SPECIFIC set of people, I’m addressing whomever stumbles across my blog. It’s not FOR you, it’s not to EARN any validation FROM you. It’s me keeping a collection of funny stories somewhere other than a notebook hidden under my pillow. Why did I chose a blog over a diary? Because I don’t like keeping things a secret. I don’t HAVE to share my thoughts with the world or become the next big thing on the internet, but I do take comfort in the fact that even my most private rants aren’t a secret stuffed somewhere, with them the anticipation of confrontation about any number of things. 

I am completely FED UP with people telling me why I PERSONALLY blog. I know there are a lot of people out there who DO use this medium to try to get famous or as some sort of weird pseudo validation from peers. I understand that, but do not ASSUME because I participate in a medium over run with insecure, fame monsters that I am one. I’ve said this before, and I will probably be saying it until blogging is no longer trendy and a thing of the past, but STOP ASSUMING.

It’s annoys me, GREATLY. Especially when articles get published about “over sharing” your kids lives scars them emotionally, and you know it’s going to immediately be pushed into popular opinion that those parents with blogs are abusive towards their children, and then CPS will get involved and yatta yatta drama and stupidity. I don’t think I over share, but there are those who think posting ANYTHING about my kids/life/family is over sharing and to them I say get over it and mind your own. When Nora is old enough to be online and if she reads something about herself here on my blog I can guarentee you it won’t be anything I haven’t already discussed with her, nor will it be anything embarassing. 

The stories I share here are sweet, innocent, and cute. The same stories that have been passed on about children for eons in books, letters, whatever. It’s part of being a parent, and for some one to suggest that caring enough about my kids to pay attention to their daily lives and document it is abusive? HA! I guess I’m just an abusive Childist then. Not fit to be a parent. (That is sarcasm for those who can’t figure that out) GRRRRRRR…

Anyway, I should go attend to my child. It’s about lunch time. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

Domestic Daze

It’s been kind of slow around here in the House of Hale for the past few days. Nothing greatly exciting has happened, which I guess is good. It’s better than a whole host of pointless drama that’s for sure. lol.

I’ve been keeping myself busy packing, unpacking and organizing. It’s really happening now. We’ve turned in our notice to vacate at the apartment, and moved furniture to the house. There’s no turning back now!! My current project is washing all the mountains of clothes we’ve had stuffed away in our closet. Sometimes I wish we lived in a place were it was a consistent temperature. We have WAY too many clothes, but it’s not because we just go out and buy clothes all willy nilly. We have winter clothes, spring/fall clothes, and summer clothes. Jackets for all occasions and each in a light, heavy, and parka version. TWO CLOSETS full of just coats and jackets! Not because of fashion either, but because they are all for different weather. That’s just Kevin and I. We haven’t even started adding Nora’s clothes into the mix yet. They’re small enough that we can fold them and put them in her dresser. 

We’re also saving all the clothes she out grows until Baby 2 comes along. Well at least until we find out Baby 2’s gender. So we have boxes of newborn clothes stashed in her closet, and a box of maternity clothes in ours. lol. Everyone tells me that you get bigger with your second kid, but since I’ve lost weight I’m starting smaller, and I figured I would end up to be about the same even if I gained more weight. Unless my twin dreams come true, in which case all of our plans fly right out the window. lol.

And the dryer just buzzed. Back to the grind stone! Until later Bloggies. 🙂

Mini Magellan

Nora has figured out how to navigate the entire living room. I would say how she is moving is crawling, but it isn’t the tummy off the floor hands and knees type crawling just yet. She moves her arms and legs and wiggles around on her tummy. Sort of like she’s swimming. lol. She is just a bundle of complete energy. If you set her down anywhere that she is not strapped in she flips over onto her tummy and starts scooting away towards any number of new and dangerous things. lol. She’s also figured out how to navigate around things in her walker, and get through the child gates. lol. She’s basically just rams into them until they fall over. 

She’s also incredibly QUICK for such a tiny person. Or I’m just getting very old. lol. One or the other. It’s hard to keep up with her scooting, rolling, or crawling, and getting her dressed in the morning is also proving to be a new and unique challenge. lol. It started when she figured out how to take off her bibs after meals. Now she tries to take every stitch of clothing off I put on. She’s also figured out how to get out of her diapers. Luckily that only happens RIGHT after I put them on, or RIGHT before I take them off. I’m not looking forward to walking into her room in the morning and finding a soiled crib and naked baby. lol. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, and I’ve accepted this, but I’m not looking forward to it.

In other news, we had a fun day today. Kevin’s over time is back for the moment so he’s been working like crazy this past week. We were going to start moving this afternoon but decided to push it off until tomorrow. He needed a break from his crazy manual labor, which is completely understandable. We went out of town for a while and did some shopping. We found the absolute most ADORABLE purple sparkly Converse shoes for Nora. Again, if I could post a picture I would, but they are ultra cute. lol. And they were $8 which made them EVEN BETTER. I’m not cheap by any means, but come on. I’m not going to pay $30 for shoes that she will wear for a few months. She’s not even really walking yet. They’re basically just to complete her out fits. When she starts walking, yes I’ll pay more for comfort, I’m not going to make her suffer, but right now? No. lol. I don’t even pay $30 for my OWN shoes, why would I spend that much on shoes for her?? lol. 

Yes, I am SUCH A TERRIBLE PARENT. You know, buying her nutritious food instead of awesome shoes. Anyway… I need to get up and do dishes or something else productive. lol Until later Bloggies. 🙂

Go With the Flow?

It’s been raining for over 12 hrs again and so there is some flooding going on here in Nowheresville again. I don’t think it’s to the extent that it was last week because no one is posting pictures and freaking out about it this week like they were last. Our local paper is completely unreliable so unless I hear about it from a friend I don’t really hear anything locally. It’s sad, but it is what it is.

ANYWAY… our neighborhood is out of the flood plane for the creek that runs through town. We haven’t had any standing water anywhere except our garden. That’s a good thing right? WRONG. We haven’t had any standing water because our storm sewer is over flowing into our sanitary sewer, which was never built to have that much water flowing through it at once thus creating a massive sewage fountain at the end of the street. 

Okay, so it’s not literally a FOUNTAIN of sewage, but I mean any bit of sewage seeping it’s way up into the road and surrounding yards is TOO MUCH. We’re not even sure how the sewers are co-mingling because they aren’t supposed to be that way. Sanitary is supposed to be it’s own separate system. Clearly it is NOT, or it’s just backed up because there is flooding on the other side of town… I don’t know. All I know is that it’s really grossing me out to have sewage all over the place. It’s not even right in front of my house, and it’s still grossing me out. I can’t imagine what those people down the street are dealing with as it’s in their yard!

YUCK. I’m actually trying to eat breakfast and having a hard time just thinking about it. lol. Which is odd since I’ve never been one to have a weak stomach, but y’know. I actually think it’s because I ate too much yesterday. I cleaned the entire house top to bottom in preparation for the big move and in doing so I burned a crazy amount of calories. Since I’m doing the My Fitness Pal thing and counting calories I had to eat a lot more than I normally do. Even this morning I’m still completely stuffed from dinner. I can’t skimp out on calories either since I’m still breast feeding. I have to eat a certain amount or my milk production will stop. 

I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t really have anything planned for today then. lol. I can just lounge around and not do anything to off set all of the calories I didn’t eat yesterday. Anyway… Nora is fussing. I better go see what she needs. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

The Curse of the Forgotten Lawn

So remember how yesterday I said that nothing really bad had happened for my week thus far? It was really just Kevin having a hard time? L. O. L. I spoke waaaaaay too soon. After I finished blogging had breakfast and put Nora down for her early afternoon snooze I decided that in order to help Kevin out a bit I would mow the lawn. We ended up borrowing his sister’s mower which is like one of the top of the line mowers. So I’m like awesome! I should be able to knock this out in like twenty minutes and have time to write a bit before Nora wakes up.

I mowed the back yard with out too many issues. The mower weighed like 800 pounds and wasn’t self propelled. Or well I guess it was supposed to be self propelled, but for whatever reason it wasn’t working. Once I finished the back yard I moved up to the front yard. I mowed like two strips and on the start of the third strip fighting over a really thick patch I hear this “Clink” sound. I thought to myself oooo… that doesn’t sound good. So I turned it off, and started looking around to see what I might have hit, and I see the blade just chilling a few feet away. AWESOME. So I flip the thing over, hoping that it had just been knocked lose or something and it would be a quick fix. Not so much. The bolt that holds the blade on was completely sheared and the plate that holds it was cracked. 

GRASS. I was just cutting GRASS and this happens. I looked all over the place because what I was mowing was really close to the neighbors yard and until we moved in they had a habit of using our yard for everything. If it was something that they had left and neglected I was going to take it back to them and tell them my lawn woes. But there wasn’t anything there but grass. No rocks, no sticks, no tree roots, nothing but grass. Not even and fragments of something that had been run over.

I picked up the blade and drug the mower back into the garage and set out to find a way to  finish our lawn. It looked bad because it was the only lawn that hadn’t been mowed yet, and now it looked even worse because it was half mowed. lol. Luckily one of our neighbors let me borrow hers and I was able to finish. It still isn’t pretty, because after three mowers I just didn’t care anymore. 

Apparently it takes an army of lawn mowers to mow my crazy yard. I actually think it was just because the house had been empty forever until we moved in and the lawn had been neglected for so long. The grass is really nice and plush since I was left to it’s own devices, but that makes it a BEAST to mow. I think my dad is going to come up one day this week or this weekend to fix our FREE, amazing, light weight, SELF PROPELLED, Craftsmen lawn mower. Which even if we had bought it would have only been $200. It just needs the part for it, and Kevin could do it if he had time, but we’ve got a million other projects going on and that really is the least important thing. And besides that since it was a gift from my parents my dad feels obligated to fix it. lol. Nothing worse than getting a gift that falls apart the first time you use it. lol.

Anyway… Nora is about ready for some lunch. Kevin has been going into work early and throwing off our schedule these past few days.  Until later Bloggies! 🙂

Really, Week? Already?

Blargh… this week has started off on the wrong foot. Everything we tried to do yesterday FAILED miserably. I forgot to do laundry so Kevin didn’t have a clean uniform for work this morning, Kevin planted a bed of salad greens which promptly got destroyed by the dog, Kevin started to mow the lawn and realized that our lawn mower which was in perfect condition last season, fell apart. No literally FELL APART when he tried to start it so now our yard is all sorts of crazy while the neighbors all got theirs mowed yesterday. I’m kind of indifferent to the whole matter, especially since it’s going to rain buckets again tomorrow, but our yard does look pretty bad. Oh, but that’s not all!! After all of those shenanigans, we go to SIL’s house to borrow their lawn mower and get started talking about sweet rice. Kevin and I REALLY want sweet rice so we go home thinking we have all of the ingredients and we DO own all of the ingredients but they are spread out between the apartment and the house, so we can’t make sweet rice. It was just one thing after another yesterday for poor Kev, and then this morning we wake up to check the bank and find out we’ve spent all of his weekly allowance for drinks, smokes, etc. His tooth is bothering him again, AND he was running late for work. Seriously, poor guy can’t catch a break this week. 

Nothing has really gone crazy for me just yet, other than Nora is having trouble digesting something we’ve given her in the past few days and her tummy is giving her fits so she was up every few hours on the hour last night completely ruining my sleep. It’s the first time she hasn’t slept through the night in MONTHS though so I guess I really can’t complain. I mean she had a really valid reason to be uncomfortable too! lol it’s not like she just doesn’t want to sleep. After we have breakfast and mow the lawn we can take a nice long nap. 

Naps fix everything. It’s just a fact. No matter how old you are. lol. In fact Nora has been sitting here quietly playing, but now she’s starting to fuss. lol She’s ready for her nap! Until later Bloggies. 🙂