The Curse of the Forgotten Lawn

So remember how yesterday I said that nothing really bad had happened for my week thus far? It was really just Kevin having a hard time? L. O. L. I spoke waaaaaay too soon. After I finished blogging had breakfast and put Nora down for her early afternoon snooze I decided that in order to help Kevin out a bit I would mow the lawn. We ended up borrowing his sister’s mower which is like one of the top of the line mowers. So I’m like awesome! I should be able to knock this out in like twenty minutes and have time to write a bit before Nora wakes up.

I mowed the back yard with out too many issues. The mower weighed like 800 pounds and wasn’t self propelled. Or well I guess it was supposed to be self propelled, but for whatever reason it wasn’t working. Once I finished the back yard I moved up to the front yard. I mowed like two strips and on the start of the third strip fighting over a really thick patch I hear this “Clink” sound. I thought to myself oooo… that doesn’t sound good. So I turned it off, and started looking around to see what I might have hit, and I see the blade just chilling a few feet away. AWESOME. So I flip the thing over, hoping that it had just been knocked lose or something and it would be a quick fix. Not so much. The bolt that holds the blade on was completely sheared and the plate that holds it was cracked. 

GRASS. I was just cutting GRASS and this happens. I looked all over the place because what I was mowing was really close to the neighbors yard and until we moved in they had a habit of using our yard for everything. If it was something that they had left and neglected I was going to take it back to them and tell them my lawn woes. But there wasn’t anything there but grass. No rocks, no sticks, no tree roots, nothing but grass. Not even and fragments of something that had been run over.

I picked up the blade and drug the mower back into the garage and set out to find a way to  finish our lawn. It looked bad because it was the only lawn that hadn’t been mowed yet, and now it looked even worse because it was half mowed. lol. Luckily one of our neighbors let me borrow hers and I was able to finish. It still isn’t pretty, because after three mowers I just didn’t care anymore. 

Apparently it takes an army of lawn mowers to mow my crazy yard. I actually think it was just because the house had been empty forever until we moved in and the lawn had been neglected for so long. The grass is really nice and plush since I was left to it’s own devices, but that makes it a BEAST to mow. I think my dad is going to come up one day this week or this weekend to fix our FREE, amazing, light weight, SELF PROPELLED, Craftsmen lawn mower. Which even if we had bought it would have only been $200. It just needs the part for it, and Kevin could do it if he had time, but we’ve got a million other projects going on and that really is the least important thing. And besides that since it was a gift from my parents my dad feels obligated to fix it. lol. Nothing worse than getting a gift that falls apart the first time you use it. lol.

Anyway… Nora is about ready for some lunch. Kevin has been going into work early and throwing off our schedule these past few days.  Until later Bloggies! 🙂

Really, Week? Already?

Blargh… this week has started off on the wrong foot. Everything we tried to do yesterday FAILED miserably. I forgot to do laundry so Kevin didn’t have a clean uniform for work this morning, Kevin planted a bed of salad greens which promptly got destroyed by the dog, Kevin started to mow the lawn and realized that our lawn mower which was in perfect condition last season, fell apart. No literally FELL APART when he tried to start it so now our yard is all sorts of crazy while the neighbors all got theirs mowed yesterday. I’m kind of indifferent to the whole matter, especially since it’s going to rain buckets again tomorrow, but our yard does look pretty bad. Oh, but that’s not all!! After all of those shenanigans, we go to SIL’s house to borrow their lawn mower and get started talking about sweet rice. Kevin and I REALLY want sweet rice so we go home thinking we have all of the ingredients and we DO own all of the ingredients but they are spread out between the apartment and the house, so we can’t make sweet rice. It was just one thing after another yesterday for poor Kev, and then this morning we wake up to check the bank and find out we’ve spent all of his weekly allowance for drinks, smokes, etc. His tooth is bothering him again, AND he was running late for work. Seriously, poor guy can’t catch a break this week. 

Nothing has really gone crazy for me just yet, other than Nora is having trouble digesting something we’ve given her in the past few days and her tummy is giving her fits so she was up every few hours on the hour last night completely ruining my sleep. It’s the first time she hasn’t slept through the night in MONTHS though so I guess I really can’t complain. I mean she had a really valid reason to be uncomfortable too! lol it’s not like she just doesn’t want to sleep. After we have breakfast and mow the lawn we can take a nice long nap. 

Naps fix everything. It’s just a fact. No matter how old you are. lol. In fact Nora has been sitting here quietly playing, but now she’s starting to fuss. lol She’s ready for her nap! Until later Bloggies. 🙂

We’ll All Float On

So, perhaps my post about all the water yesterday was a bit hasty. We woke up this morning to find that our dear little county was in a state of emergency and half of Nowheresville was under water. I have pictures, but I still can’t get WordPress to cooperate and up load things. Eventually you will all get a whole bunch of pictures with links to the various posts I’ve written about them lol. If you go to the House of Hale Facebook page I have some there.  

ANYWAY… so yeah. I guess flooding is a serious problem around here after all. I don’t know why I’m still kind of surprised… I guess there is just too much going on in the world right now for me to process it all. It is kind of funny, (or a bit sad really) that the entire county is supposed to be on emergency travel restrictions and unless you are right in the thick of the flood, or driving through water, no one has even bothered to stay home. School was canceled today, but Kevin still had to report to work. In fact he got called in early because our side of town wasn’t effected by the flood and he was one of the only people who could get to work. When we were talking about it he said that he would be forced to labor and make trailer suspensions through the apocalypse. lol. 

Really, other than the travel restrictions there wasn’t any reason he COULDN’T go to work.  There wasn’t any water over any roads we need to take to get back and forth, and the apartment and house are dry so… he dutifully reported in. I was kind of hoping that he would take the day off and hang out with Nora and I, but I suppose it’s better that he didn’t. Now he’ll have extra vacation days at the end of the year to spend with us.

I AM glad that we aren’t living in our old house currently because it was smack dab in the middle of the flood plane (is that the correct plane? Plain? I don’t remember). The house itself is probably dry, but the basement flooded when we got minimal rain I’m sure it’s completely saturated. I just hope the water recedes completely before the next round of rain moves in next week or things will just get so much worse. There is actually a small creek that runs behind our house. Which is surprising that it didn’t flood when the bigger creek did… but I’m thankful it didn’t. 

I feel bad for all of the people who have been petitioning to get the creek beds cleaned out for the past several years. Since I moved here they have been petitioning for the city to clean out the growth along the creek beds, and there has been drought after drought. The one year that the city actually listens and cleans out the creek beds, and we still have flooding. 

Oo… the baby is awake, and she doesn’t sound happy. lol. Her top teeth are starting to come in and she has been a complete grump the last few days. Better go snuggle her and do my mommy things. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

A Wash

Our garden is completely under water, and our front land scaping has also been completely washed away. We didn’t really have any super severe weather but is has been raining ALL DAY.  Roads are flooded, our yard which is pretty sloped is collecting water and the nearest river is completely over flowing it’s banks.  Our storm sewers are bubbling over and the water in our drainage dishes is every where. It’s wet.

On the plus side, it’s also insanely green and plush because of all the rain and it’s really pretty. If we get a break in the clouds long enough for the sun to peak through. I’m glad it’s raining because we need the rain, but I really wish we didn’t have to get it all at once. lol. I kind of feel like I’m going to start floating away here at any moment. I actually haven’t seen this much rain since 2008 when I first moved to Indiana. For a while there the entire city of Indianapolis (where I lived at the time) was cut off from the outside world due to flooding. I was supposed to go visit my parents for something in Ohio but I couldn’t get there with out a boat. I ended up going down a few weeks later but it was pretty intense. I also happened to live right on a lake during that season and water was pretty much on my front door step. Thankfully our house is on a hill so even if the flooding gets really bad in town we should be okay.

We don’t have flood insurance so I certainly HOPE nothing happens. I actually think I post about this pretty much every Spring around here. I wasn’t aware that Indiana used to be marsh and that the water table was so high until moving here. Really I didn’t know anything about Indiana other than the Ramada Inn by the old international airport had an octagonal swimming pool where I learned to swim. lol. Random, yes, but y’know.

And the Little is ready for bed. She is sitting here calling: “Maaaaam. Maaaam.” lol ❤ I guess I should go snuggle for a bit. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

Camp NaNot

I fought the good fight Bloggies, but I just can NOT keep up with CampNaNoWriMo this month. Between moving, taking care of the kiddo, the dog, and actually taking the time to talk to Kevin when he gets home from work my brain refuses to function creatively. I’m kind of upset about it, and I’m going to continue to write until the end of the month to see how far I get, but really it was just too much this month. There’s another one coming around in July. You know, when I’m not busy trying to keep two houses together on top of all of my other wifely duties. I’ve still managed to pump out 20k words in two weeks. Two extremely hectic, and stressful weeks but it is what it is. Technically if you count all of my rewrites there at the beginning I’m write on track. Ha ha. Write on track, get it? I’m sorry I’m a little slap happy and extremely exhausted right now. lol.

In other news, I was all worried about creepers at the house and tonight after Kevin got home from work when we made our way back to the apartment for the night we arrived to find most of the Nowheresville police force, and both of the county detectives in our complex. When both of the detectives show up you know it’s serious business. We’re not sure what all went down, but if we had to guess we think it was something domestic that got out of hand and resulted in a really bad assault. The police are always at that building for something, but like I said the detectives don’t show up unless it’s the real deal. The police are currently all sorts of staked out around the complex tonight too, and all over this side of town looking for some one. So yeah. That’s probably why I can’t sleep. 

That or the massive storm looming just to the West of us. It’s supposed to get really nasty here tomorrow as far as weather is concerned. I’m glad we actually get a spring this year, but I did not miss the lack of severe storms last season. I’m always kind of worried about it just because of Nora, but now that I know the sirens are pretty much useless I’m even MORE worried about it. Bah… some times I wish I lived on a tropical island, because you can always predict a hurricane. You can’t always predict a tornado. 

Anyway… I’m falling asleep at my key board so I guess it’s time for bed. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

To Pay, or Not To Pay

Bloggies, WordPress is working out okay but I just feel so bland not having my wacky font and vibrant color contrast. I’ve tried out just about every theme here and nothing says: “House of Hale” like my Blogger Blog. There are customization options here but you have to pay for them, which is why I avoided WordPress in the first place. It’s not really expensive and I do blog a whole bunch so it would be worth the money I just don’t like the fact that I have to pay for something when it was free else where. Although then you have that whole thing about you get what you pay for and all of that… so I guess by not paying for Blogger things it’s the reason it started to fail epically.  Meh… I’ll find a theme I like here eventually and settle on it. Even if I had to abandon my wacky font.

In other news, we have a shady guy creeping by our house. I noticed him yesterday when I had the front door open enjoying the weather. I thought it was odd that he was running by in his baggy gangster shorts and flip flops when I first noticed him, but stranger things have happened and I thought hey it’s about to rain maybe he’s just in a hurry to get home. Then I noticed the SAME guy walk by two more times. In the pouring rain. Then I heard this weird banging noise outside like some one was trying to get into a locked door or something, so I got up to investigate and saw the same dude walking away in a hurry. The dog went nuts, and I ran to the front door and stared him down as he walked away. I then proceeded to walk around checking all the doors and windows to make sure he hadn’t been trying to get into my house. I didn’t find any signs that he tried to get in, but there were foot prints in the wet grass around my a/c unit. He was hunting for copper apparently.

I don’t know if he thought the house was empty when he was snooping around of if he was just that bold to go snooping while I was home, but I’m pretty pissed about it. My Mama Bear instincts took over and I was all in an uproar until Kevin got home. Then I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I was still so wound up about it. Even typing about it has me getting all antsy. I’ve never been a push over when it comes to defending my home, but now that I have a Little? Oh wow. It took a lot for me to stay inside the house instead of running out to the sidewalk to confront him. I decided it was better to hang out inside instead of getting shot or stabbed though. lol. Y’know.

My mom is supposed to be coming up today to bring some things for the house. Although she’s been supposed to be coming up for like two weeks now and hasn’t made it so we’ll see. lol. I should probably go attempt to clean up a bit. Since we’re still living in between the apartment and the house it has been impossible for me to keep up with cleaning both. My apartment is a disaster zone, and the house isn’t much better. I can keep up with one place, but two? HA! No… not happening.

Anyway… Until later Bloggies. 🙂

The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For

Here it is. The reason (or at least one of them) that you’ve been religiously stalking my blog forever. I don’t expect a reply, I don’t expect us to sit by the camp fire and sing songs holding hands, I don’t even know when/if you’ll bother to read it, but I’m going to post it because it’s more a matter of my personal integrity than anything.

I apologize. In the heat of battle, heartbreak, lies and confusion I did and said things that were wrong and hurtful to both of you. At the time it seemed valid, but being able to look back on it now it was completely wrong. I made accusations and assumptions based on the very minimal information I had, and I shouldn’t have done things that way. I was young, stupid and completely blindsided by it all. Not that it’s an excuse for my behavior but it is what it is.

You don’t have to forgive me, you don’t even have to acknowledge my existance really. Like I said it was more for my own personal integrity than anything else. Just know that I am (and have been forever even though mean and nasty some times I am a woman the mood swings are inevitable) sincerely happy for you both.  I’ve been over it for a while, but recently there has just been one thing after another popping up in my life that reminded me of… well okay since we’re being all feely and honest here, reminded me of you. As an individual, and your life together. If I’ve learned anything over the past few years it’s that if something keeps coming up you should address it, not ignore it.

I’ve typed this out a millions times before, but never until now did it feel like the right time to actually post it. Hopefully my intuition isn’t horribly wrong this go around and this won’t cause the onslaught of Dramafest ’13. So… yeah. There you go.

Oooooooh… Now I Get It.

I’m a pretty intuitive person by nature. After a little while of careful observation it doesn’t take me too long to figure things out, but there are some things that are blatantly obvious to most people that I completely miss. Mostly because I don’t see things in the same cynical light that most others paint on to a situation. I’m always looking for the positives in any situations, but by doing so I sometimes miss the heart of the issue. I’ve gotten much better as I’ve gotten older and encountered different people and situations, but back in the day I was pretty oblivious.

Nothing is a better example of this than my CD collection which grew to it’s peak when I was 18-21. Especially the last CD I bought. I had stuffed it down into my CD binder and ignored it for a very long time due to the circumstances around it’s purchase. I just started going through everything yesterday trying to consolidate and get rid of things I don’t need, and I found it. I thought about it a bunch and decided why not? I haven’t listened to it for nearly six years I’ll give it a chance. I really liked it then, I shouldn’t deny myself something awesome just because of some old memories.

I listened to the entire thing start to finish last night, and felt like a total ditz. The reason I had been ignoring it was the very reason I needed to be listening to it. If I had been paying attention it might have made things a whoooooooole lot less dramatic. Probably not less painful but much less dramatic. Whoops.

Anyway, now that I’ve listened and figured it out it’s going in the trash. Not because it’s bad but because it’s not fair to Kevin if I keep this little piece of my past around. It’s been haunting my CD binder forever and I have new and better things to put in it’s place. If I hadn’t been avoiding it the whole time we could have done this ages ago… but y’know. Sometimes you need time and space to figure things out. A LOT of time. Especially when you have completely missed the initial point and flown off onto some other tangent. Lol.

In other news, we have REAL internets now! I am currently down loading a whole slue of new software and software updates that I have neglected over these months of crappy internets. Yes CURRENTLY as I type this, AT THE SAME TIME. I had forgotten that was possible!! Lol.

Oh, and now the baby needs me. I guess I’ll have to finish that thought later. Until then Bloggies!