Get Along

Little has been butting heads with her teacher all year. Most issues are irrelevant or something Little does need to work on to further her scholastic career so I’ve generally allowed her teacher to discipline as she sees fit… until now.

Little has been struggling with a classmate (a boy) violating her personal boundaries. He constantly pokes at her, pushes her, has tripped her in gym class and is generally a nuisance. Little, has fought back which has earned her several low marks on the disciplinary chart at school. We’ve explained to her that she either needs to walk away or tell the teacher when this kid starts bothering her, but as an absolute last resort she is allowed to defend herself.

We had a few weeks of lull in the conflict until for some reason the teacher decided to reassign seats and sit them across from one another. Obviously, Little is in trouble again now because she isn’t tolerating Obnoxious Boy violating her space and I’m just like… whoa there Teacher. What are you doing here?

It would be one thing if Obnoxious Boy was simply teasing Little, calling names, being loud, etc. Then okay, I get it. Ignore the name calling, learn to respect one another. Sit next to each other and maybe become friends. That makes sense. Not really a method I would employ but I’m also not an educator so whatever.

The problem I have is that Obnoxious Boy is touching her and blatantly ignoring her requests to stop. It’s the 1st grade equivalent to a sexual assault. Little said “no, don’t touch me.” And Obnoxious Boy ignored her and kept on touching her anyway, and the teacher’s only advice to Little was to ignore him.

Ha!! I don’t think so Teacher. If Little has asked him to stop touching her and he doesn’t? Little has my permission to push him away. At least she’s just pushing him and not punching him in the junk or something crazy… yet.

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