One Down

In the middle of everything else going on over the past two weeks I almost forgot that it’s officially been one year since I started back to school. I’m 75% done with the first phase of my goal, finals are coming up for the semester and with them the bustle of the holiday season.

I didn’t actually start out in the accelerated program not entirely sure how it was going to fit into my schedule with the kids and such, but soon after getting into the swing of things I was able to take off. I cut my 24 month program down to 18 if I can continue on my current pace. lol. I’m taking a bit of a break with NaNoWriMo coming up in November (yay school online where I can make my own schedules) but hopefully things will be wrapped up with this first chunk before Summer rolls around.

Champ is flourishing in his pre-school studies and ready for the Kindergarten assessment when enrollment opens in March. We’re going to have Crash take the assessment too, but he’ll likely end up in pre-school for at least a year before he’s ready to tackle kindergarten. It will be nice to have them all in school so I can focus on my own studies as I begin the second phase of my degree. Once I get all the kids in school, I can pick up more hours at work and apply for the scholarship. My classes so far haven’t been outrageously expensive or anything, but it will be nice to have the extra money towards my education.

I love my job. I’m likely not going anywhere even when I earn my degree, but y’know. Education never hurt anyone, right? lol.