And Now We Laugh

So… the emotional wave of ALL THE FEELS surrounding the Return of Trash Wanda 7 (my stolen car) has mostly subsided. It’s still a lot to sort of wrap my head around, but it’s fading. Which has given me the emotional space to look back at other events that happened in October of years past and I had to laugh.

October 20th, 2014 was the last time I can remember speaking to my ex in detail. We’ve exchanged a few nasty emails, and I remember a few snippets of the break in, but I don’t remember specifics of what was said. The last time I can recollect nearly verbatim what we said to one another over the phone happened on October 20th, 2014.

I originally sent him a message on Facebook October 14th, trying to have a calm conversation about who did it and why my tire was slashed, which eventually lead to our phone conversation on the 20th. ANYWAY… That’s an entirely different bag of apples.

Getting to the point of my amusement with this… my random playlist generator on Spotify suggested a song last week that I really thought was appropriate in regards to the stressful memories surrounding our last phone conversation. I shared it with the message that yes I remembered our conversation, but I didn’t care and we weren’t going to do it again anytime soon.

And then… the car thing happened. Because some of the items that belonged to him were collectibles and held some sort of value I was obligated to inform him. Thankfully, they were all destroyed and I didn’t actually have to set up an exchange or meeting or actually speak to him beyond casual public posting BUT… I did have to eat my own snarky words in regards to the song and never interacting with him again. *faceplam*

All things considered it made me laugh. Here I am bouncing along perfectly content to be like: “Haha fuck you, if you ever think I’m speaking to you again” and then the universe knocked me on my ass with this car and an obligatory reason to speak with him. I guess that’s what I get for being a smartass then isn’t it?

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