Better Late than Never?

Back in early 2006 I was the victim of an armed robbery. I wasn’t hurt and the thief didn’t get away with anything aside from my car and the contents inside it. A few sentimental things were lost but over all it things could have ended a lot worse than they did.

Fast forward to today when my parents received a certified letter from the county. They found the damn car and they have some items in evidence that they’re able to release to me. I don’t even know what the hell could have survived or be important all this time later, but I’m making an appointment to come down and collect it.

I always assumed that the car had been dumped in a local lake or river. Apparently it was dumped somewhere dry if they’ve collected things from it for me. Or I have a bag of wet goo waiting for me. Lol.

My laundry!! My polyester white pants!! 😂 THE BLUE BLANKET. My missing story journals! Oooooo this is kind of like Christmas.

UPDATE: They have the entire car!! It doesn’t run and it’s in pretty rough shape, but I can have it if I want it. WHOA. I’m not sure how I feel about this now. I’m excited and also nervous. Never thought I’d ever see it again, let alone go through the contents. There’s a lot of memories with that car. Some very sentimental stuff stashed in the back seat too. Nothing of value to anyone but me. I wonder if it’s still there… guess we’ll see when I go look at it Friday.