A Losing Battle

I went to our annual parent teacher conference with Little’s teacher today. It was extremely unproductive. I don’t hold anything against her teacher. I think she’s a great teacher. It’s the education system that we’re struggling with, and looks like we’re going to continue to struggle with for the duration.

Teacher: Your kid is so super smart. I just don’t understand why she won’t apply herself and misbehaves in class.

Me: She’s bored.

Teacher: Well I can’t challenge her if she won’t meet the basic standards of behavior.

Me: …

It was basically a stalemate and waste of my evening. Little’s teacher’s hands were tied as a teacher and the expectations she needs to meet for the state and my hands were tied as a parent for not setting unreasonable expectations for my child.

At least Little is excelling as far as academics are concerned. She’s ahead of her peers in reading, and passing every class with As and Bs. She started her school career below average, and is now at or above all benchmarks. She’s learning. She’s just driving her teacher bananas in the process and I’m stuck in the middle of it all between allowing her to be seven and requiring that she meet school standards.

2 thoughts on “A Losing Battle

  1. I have no doubt great things are in her future. It’s just getting her there… may be the death of me. lol. Today has just been frustrating all around. I think this was just the icing on the cake. 😦


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