Dyslexic Authors Anonymous

I’m a blogger. (Obviously) I’m an author. I love reading when I have a spare moment, and so 90% of the time my very mild dyslexia doesn’t bother me. Every once and a while it will get me with a reversed letter or backwards phrase, but most of the time I’m okay.

Until it comes to functional organizational writing skills. Then I drawn one large blank. I can read the instructions. I can understand the concept. I get it but when it comes to the application of these concepts, ideas and such my brain just short circuits lol

So this semester started off on a rough foot. I needed to take a break blogging wise, and I had the whole plagiarism thing to content with again. I was supposed to take four weeks for this class, but with all the extra time I had not blogging (ironic no?) I was able to finish it up in two. As challenging as it was I passed with an 88 maintaining my 3.7GPA 🙌🏻

I am so close to being done with my GedEd classes it is infuriating that time will not go faster. Lol. I’ve got like one more science class, one more math, and literature; then I can start working toward my actual degree. Which will probably slow me down a bit. GenEd stuff is easy since it’s basically repeating high school. When I actually start learning vs simply reviewing I’ll need to make more of an effort with my studies.

Hubs and I got a lot accomplished around the house this past week and a half too. We finally got rid of all the junk left behind by the previous owners of our house, got the Twins’ room redone and moved Little into one of the actual bedrooms and out of our dining room.

While we were in the process of figuring out Champ’s sensory issues we needed to separate the Twins into their own rooms. Little Crash was the butt of most of Champ’s aggression and I wasn’t about to have him suffer if I could help it. They needed their own space for a while. Now that we’ve got an action plan for Champ, they can safely share a space again, which gives Little more privacy and me a formal dining space!

I haven’t had a formal dedicated dining space since my second apartment waaaaaaaaay back in like 2007. Lol. I am excited to get everything put together. We’re getting things together to renovate our kitchen in the Spring. New paint, new cabinets, and possibly new floors although I haven’t quite made up my mind about that yet.

It’s nice to have our own space again. There are many things I miss about apartment life, but I really love our little home too. The kids love the yard, and it’s nice not to have to worry about a landlord or maintenance staff. I got lucky with Hubs who’s pretty handy when it comes to general contracting and repairs. Lol.

Once we get the inside all squared away we’re hopefully going to get the driveway resurfaced and siding replaced next year. We have the siding in the garage, we just have to find time and energy to install it… or the funds to hire someone to install it. Hopefully… next year. But, a lot of things can happen in a year so we’ll see. 🤷🏻‍♀️