Rebel Rampage 8/21/19 The Melody Inn

I did a thing! Last week I got to participate in an amazing event and meet some really cool people. Click through to check it out. 🙂

Rebecca MacCeile

Last week I had the extraordinary opportunity to volunteer at a show sponsored by A Voice for the Innocent. AVFTI is an organization that is extremely close to my heart as they’ve been instrumental in my personal recovery as a victim of sexual violence and abuse. As soon as I had the opportunity to represent them I cleared my schedule. Before I was asked to volunteer I wasn’t aware of the upcoming show. There were two local bands and the headliner, a relatively new project Rebel Rampage.

I’d never heard of any of the bands before last week, but I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. The show was really well put together, everyone played very well and having the opportunity to talk to the band was really cool, especially considering the passion behind the project itself.

Rebel Rampage is classified as protest rock and styled after the likes…

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