Wild Weekend

Friday afternoon after enduring a particularly hectic shift at work Thursday I got a call from my husband about five minutes before she was due to arrive in the driveway after leaving work. I have his departure and arrival times down to a science because he doesn’t have his phone when he’s riding his bike. Getting phone calls from him at any point after the “I’m leaving now” text and hearing him pull into the driveway is nerve wrecking.

Especially when he says: “Hi. I’m checking to see if I’m leaking anywhere and the bike still runs. I about got hit by a semi.”

Part of me wanted to scream, part of me couldn’t breathe enough to form a scream, and the rest of me was trying to be logical and thought “well he’s calling me so he can’t be hurt too badly”.

Needless to say Hubs survived a near miss. He did a little off roading, bruised a hip pretty badly, and we still haven’t had a chance to get his bike in to the shop. But he’s alive, and mostly unscathed.

Apparently he was coming up on an intersection and a semi driver didn’t see him. The semi swung out completely into Hubs’ oncoming traffic lane and came within six inches of a head on collision with Hubs. Hubs could have touched the front bumper if he hadn’t been busy careening into the four foot deep ditch and hanging on for dear fucking life as his bike rocketed up into the air at least twice before he could come to a complete stop in the middle of a random driveway.

Hubs was traveling at 50mph somehow managed to hang onto his bike, and safely come to a stop even through the ditch going airborne and 1/4 mile of slick grass. I don’t know how he managed to do it. Hubs doesn’t even know how he managed to do it, but my God he did.

Only one car stopped to see if he was okay. Six others flew past without a second thought, and the driver of the semi took tf off. Thankfully Hubs called and filed a police report, and we have the name of the trucking company. Boy they are going to get an earful when they open tomorrow let me tell you.

So this all happens at about 3:15pm. Little is scheduled to get out of school at 3:40pm and Hubs needed me to come up and meet him at the accident site while he filled out the police report. Well I don’t know that he needed me there, but he wanted me there and I wanted to be there with him so I snatched the boys out of their beds tossed them into the car in their boxers and took off before I really noticed the time. Thankfully Little’s school was on the way to the accident site and I was able to pick her up early.

I called the school office and said that her father had been in a minor motorcycle accident and she needed to leave immediately. The office staff had her called down and waiting for me when I arrived, carrying both boys in their undies into the office waiting room. The staff didn’t tell Little why she had to leave early and instead left that up to me. Me, the frazzled mom with two 40+lbs half naked toddlers, one in each arm, with an upset confused first grader asking a millionty questions.

Somefnhow I managed to remain calm, sign my big kid out while holding on to my little kids, and explain that Hubs had been in an accident but he was okay. Little took the news really well, which is a testament to my own ability to somehow remain calm during all of this.

Of course as soon as I get all the kids back to the car and into their car seats Hubs calls. He doesn’t need me anymore, the officer took his information and filed the report. Hubs didn’t need obvious medical attention, and the bike was running enough to at least get Hubs home. So that’s where we went.

We all went home.

And once we arrived safely, we stayed there all evening as the shock wore off. I’m still not sure if it’s really sank in. The gravity of the situation I mean. Hubs almost fn died Friday night and I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

I don’t even know how to articulate how I’m feeling/felt because I didn’t. In the moment after so much other stress piling up over the week I just didn’t feel a thing. Which I’m sure will come back to bite me here in a day or two. Probably when he leaves for work in a few hours actually.

Idk… all I know is that this was one wild weekend.