Simple Syrup

In an effort to cut back on my frivolous spending I decided to buy some flavored syrups and make my coffee at home vs buying it all the time. I bought little dispensers and made the entire adventure really cute and mindful etc etc etc.

The boys watched me fill the dispensers and place them where I thought they would be out of reach. This was my first mistake… two days later I walk into the kitchen to find most of my syrup spilled all over the floor and two very sticky three year olds. One dispenser was still mostly full so I put it back on the counter and forgot about it until I went to make my drink this morning.

Champ, my youngest, was standing right next to me as I pulled the syrup out and put my usual “pumps” into the cup before filling it with coffee. I stirred it around and took a sip, but I couldn’t taste the syrup so I poured a little bit more in and received the same result. As I was doing this Champ started to giggle.

Hearing his sly little giggle made me turn from my coffee to my son and ask: “Champ, is this water?” Before pulling the pump out to get a taste of the “syrup” itself.

He laughed his adorable little HAHAHAHAHAH laugh and replied: “Yes.”

My not even four year old genius child replaced my syrup with water so he wouldn’t get in trouble for drinking it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ HE’S NOT EVEN FOUR YEARS OLD YET. How he already possesses the capacity to problem solve in that way I have no idea. I just know I’m in trouble if he can already be so sneaky.