Forgot to mention this earlier…

I made one phone call and took my own ass down to the local office in 2009 and took care of everything to do with my other past mistakes. I didn’t even need help from my dad… *ahem* to take responsibility for myself. That’s been done before I ever started to come to terms with the rape and abuse I endured with your husband.

It’s not in my book because my editor thought it distracted from the bigger story of overcoming the abuse. I’m not hiding from it and I don’t blog about it because ITS NOT HERE BOTHERING ME ALL THE DAMN TIME. It’s been done for ages and it rarely crosses my mind anymore.

He’s in California last time I heard by the way. We bumped into one another at Meijer a few years back before he moved. The conversation was very civil for a big alleged menace in my life. Everyone else moved up to Chicago, out to Montana or back to New York so it would take a hell of a lot of effort for them to trek back to Ohio just to egg my apartment or slash my tire. Much more effort than the almost 40 year old man child living just a few minutes away.

And you would think if someone else was really after me or really wanted money for something and they put all the effort, time and travel into getting to Ohio that they would have at least made sure they got some money before they left. But all my electronics, most of my prescriptions, debit cards, credit cards, all of that wasn’t even touched during the break in.

Damn, there’s that logic making an appearance again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

BUT… a lot like my memory repression, denial can be a bitch of a coping mechanism to overcome. So there’s no point to argue about this anymore. I know I already ended my long ass vlog with that; then came back with this. This is more for my own records though. Idgaf if you read or respond to it as long as the Vandalism Fairy doesn’t pay me a visit in the next few months.

For realz now. Lol. Nothing left to say. 😴😴😴