Here We Go

Boy you two really need to talk before you post stuff conflicting one another’s version of events. She’s the one who tried to claim your parents gave you an alibi. Public post. December 2018. I have the screen shot. Go look. I never had any issues with your parents while we lived in the apartment, nor did I ever approach them when I saw them out in town BECAUSE I RESPECT THEM AND THEIR PRIVACY. Of *course* they don’t care or remember three years later. That’s the entire point!! You are being completely ridiculous.

We do this every year. Your wife gets on my nerves, I tell her off, she gets upset; then gets you all wound up and pissed off at me for calling her out and then you do stupid impulsive things to get me back and defend her honor. 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you actually read what I wrote last month, you’ll see that is *exactly* what I already said.

Also… I already took care of my other debts years ago. Nice deflection, but I still believe my kid. She’d never seen you before and she picks you out of a line up every damn time. Even the old ass picture I found of us at Christmas: she knew. If it wasn’t you in my apartment, I guess you have an Uzbek clone with a matching mole. Which isn’t actually hidden by the beard btw. Obscured, maybe but not hidden.

ONE MORE THING: you, your name, her name, and anything to do with you is black listed from the blog. You can comment all day long and WordPress automatically deletes it. Why? So you can’t accuse me of violating your privacy by posting your legal names all over the place and tying your damn self to my writing. I’m protecting your identities because it’s the decent thing to do. Integrity. You should try it.

Ask your dad about that.