Lofty Goals

Out of sheer curiosity Hubs and I began to price small planes. We’d never actually considered it before but with Champ’s unwavering interest in aviation we decided to look into it. They’re actually not too bad. I mean they’re not super affordable, but they’re really not too much more than a decent used car these days. We’re also right around the corner from a small airport with hanger space available and a local flight school.

At first we were just kind of joking about it, but the more we looked into it the more it’s becoming a real possibility. If Champ really wants to become a pilot I think it would be invaluable experience for him to own and even rebuild his own small plane while he goes through flight school.

Of course this is all several years down the road and being just about 4 years old he could change his interests a million times before he needs to figure out his career. Although he’s been quite adamant about it even for being so young and even before I explained the significance of his namesake. The boy just loves airplanes and always has. He has more immediate inspiration aside from his name too. Great grandpa was an aircraft mechanic (Great grandpa did all the things. Seriously. A natural jack of all trades) and grandpa was involved in the Civil Air Patrol for years before leaving California. If we can reasonably afford it, I see no reason not to support his passion even if it ends up being more of a hobby than anything else.

Besides Champ’s general interest, getting my pilot license has always been a bucket list item for myself. I had the opportunity in my teens, but I chose to participate in 4H instead. I don’t remember why 4H seemed like the better option at the time, but missing the opportunity to fly has always been one of the things I often kick myself for as I’ve matured. I dismissed it entirely in my early adulthood because I didn’t have the energy or the finances to pursue it. Now that I do… why not?

I guess we’ll see where it goes over the next year or so. Before I can dedicate any finances to flying I have to finish my degree on the ground first. lol.