High Spirited

My children are all highly intelligent, fiercely independent, curious, creative and tenacious problem solvers. Each and every one of those qualities are invaluable for navigating the adult world. I love watching their little minds grow and celebrating their successful solutions.

I don’t love spending money on toys that get dismantled/broken within a week, cleaning up constant messes, the yelling, the refusal to listen, the rules being consistently tossed out the window, the boundary testing and the sibling battle royal.

I know they are young and their behavior is all part of healthy growth and development. I love my little people and their high spirited antics. I’m also so very tired as the summer draws to a close and ready to have a break during the day again. lol.

This morning they all woke up several hours earlier than usual and decided to “help me” with my morning chores by letting the dog outside. Nobel intentions to be certain, however the dog wouldn’t go outside. Being my smart little problem solvers, they discovered that they could herd him with the dining room chairs and so they did… all the way into the back yard. Every single dining room chair. Out. Side. In. The. Back. Yard. before I could even get dressed and out of bed to see what they were into. Less than fifteen minutes really.

Not only did they decide to drag the chairs outside to accomplish getting the dog outside, but they then decided to drag the metal chairs across the concrete patio rattling like the dickens at 9am in the morning while yelling and screaming at one another as my children do. Hearing the commotion obviously I flew out of bed and ran outside in my jammies trying to figure out what the hell my children were doing and why.

All before 10am, and this among other things is why I desperately need a kid break. I am so proud of them and I know how all of the qualities that make them exceptionally difficult kids will make them super successful as adults once they figure out the value of rules and respect for authority anyway. Getting them to that point… may kill me. Lol.