Sew Sew

Last night as my Hubs was getting ready for bed, the Littles were running around the living room playing a game. Little had a blanket and she was charging back and forth across the living room with the boys hanging on for dear life at the opposite end of the blanket. I’m not sure what the imaginary scenario was, but they were having mostly harmless fun. Little would dash left and right attempting to whip her brothers around and the boys were just having an absolute ball. As things progressively began to get more rowdy I gently scolded Little and told her to calm down before someone got hurt. She didn’t really listen.

Then disaster struck. Little whipped the boys around just hard enough that they both lost their grip on the blanket and tumbled over head first into their rocking horse style motorcycle. Crash managed to bounce off the rockers fairly unfazed. Champ on the other hand, snapped off one of the rear view mirrors with his face resulting in a chipped tooth and two inch gash across his bottom lip which immediately started pouring blood everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE.

As soon as I saw his face I knew that he needed stitches so I set about dragging poor Hubs out of the shower to watch the other two kids while trying to keep Champ from bleeding everywhere and getting him dressed enough to get to the ER. Thankfully we live less than two miles from the closest ER so as quickly as I could get him in the car we were there and he was whisked into triage, covered in blood from head to toe with a damp washcloth on his face. Champ was covered in blood, I was covered in his blood, Hubs was having a panic attack at home because he’d never seen so much blood coming from an injury to one of the kids, Little was bawling when I left because she accidentally hurt her brother, Crash was bawling because Champ was “broken” and holy hell was it an entire thing.

Champ actually did surprisingly well through out the entire ordeal. He cried when it happened and he cried when they were stitching him up, but otherwise he was his normal calm collected self. Really the only reason he cried as they were putting the sutures in was because they covered his eyes with a washcloth and he couldn’t see. If he would have had his eyes open I think he would have been completely fine. They gave him a popsicle when he was all finished and he said thank you and walked out the door like a pro. Since he’s my sensory kiddo I was expecting a lot more crying and fighting especially as his lip started to numb from the anesthetic, but he seemed to take it all in stride. We’ll see how he does tomorrow when it starts to hurt again and he can’t take the sutures out.

After I got him all patched up, I came home and took Little out for some mommy daughter time. We had planned on going out before the accident, and I wanted to make sure she knew that even though what she did was irresponsible, it was still an accident and no one was angry with her for it. In the middle of the chaos I didn’t have time to comfort her since I was trying to tend to Champ. I didn’t want her to carry the weight of seeing her brother covered in blood and thinking that it was her fault any longer than she had to.

We had a good talk about responsibility and listening when she was asked to stop doing something especially if someone tells her it’s dangerous. We stopped for a quick gas station snack, sat in the driveway until the slowly rumbling thunderstorm passed; then I tucked her snuggly into bed. All was right with the world again.

Whew… momming is hard sometimes.