November to May

Still ranting as I continue to connect the dots and pull pieces together from 2015 forward…

So there were actually two break in events at my apartments while I lived in Ohio. The first was in November somewhere around the 10th, and the second was the night of April 30th into May 1st (a Sunday night into Monday morning)

I have no idea who is responsible for the November break in. The kids and I were at the store and came home to find a condom wrapper by our unlocked sliding glass door.

Obviously not being home my daughter couldn’t have seen my ex and identified him for that incident. I’m pretty sure it was actually the maintenance guy who was fired shortly after using apartments at his leisure when tenants weren’t home.

The break in in April/May is when we were home and she saw him. That’s the one I mistakenly told police happened around the 6th and that is the event which has caused so much lasting trauma effects.

I’m clarifying that now because I went back through my blog stats and realized I had some views the specific date and time I also got a few phone calls from numbers I vaguely recognized in quick succession. I’m waiting for the phone company to verify my suspicions so I can’t say for certain who those numbers belonged to yet, but I have a fairly good idea.

I got the calls on Thanksgiving actually, sitting in the car with my husband as we were delivering an old photo of myself and my ex to the park where we first encountered one another. I was trying to burn it, but it wouldn’t light lol. We tried several times before we finally gave up and headed for home.

I believe my ex’s wife was referencing that (November) break in vs the one in April/May when she claimed to have an alibi which I’m sure he did. I know it wasn’t him in November, and I’m not surprised in the least that they were with his family around the holiday.

Hubs and I expected it honestly and spent the weekend with my family in Cincinnati vs our apartment to avoid running into my ex and his family.

I have an entirely separate incident in October/November that I can’t be certain was anything more than a dream I’ve referenced, but the police have never been involved in that incident. They were involved in November and May.

I’d honestly forgotten about the November thing all together until I was comparing dates and posts and stats. I’m not irrational or unreasonable but it’s been a long time of various miscommunications with highly charged emotional events. This is why I blog. To have a record of all these things so I can put the pieces together after the emotional wave passes.

Now if she wasn’t referencing November and claiming May… my initial assessment stands. I believe my daughter. She’d never seen him before, picked him out immediately, and identified the clothes he was wearing that I also remember very clearly.

The truth really doesn’t matter. The police aren’t going to/can’t do anything about it so long after the fact. I’ll deal with my trauma and address it as necessary. Here or otherwise.