My baby boys are almost four. The end of toddlerhood is in sight for The House of Hale, and I don’t know about I feel about it. On the one hand it’s encouraging as they grow out of the tantrum phase and gain some independence. On the other it’s a little bit sad that they no longer need me for so many things, and they no longer run to me for any and every thing that upsets/excites them.

It’s part of what a good parenting is all about; loving and teaching your children how to navigate the world on their own. Still, watching my last babies transition into childhood makes me a bit weepy.

Toddlerhood is my absolute favorite stage of development. They are the most pure examples of humanity. They just love with every ounce of their little beings. Of course they also hate, fear and every other emotion with every ounce of their beings which makes parenting difficult during the toddler phase lol.

*sigh* I’m still content with our decision to end our family where we did. Three kids is more than enough for me lol. But with each passing day, each passing milestone, I look back fondly to the younger days. The days before school bullies, before suicidal classmates on the bus, before difficult goodbyes and the fear of death and change set it. I miss the days of baby burbles vs screaming “no I don’t wannas” I miss the quiet afternoon naps and cuddles on the couch. I miss the lazy walks around the park and afternoons filled with adventures.

Toddlerhood has been a blast. It’s on to the next phase. ❤

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