Podcasts and Airplanes

Little is on a year round academic schedule. As such we only get 8 weeks of Summer Break and celebrating the 4th of July is really the only time we have for a family vacation. We took advantage of it and did all the things we’ve been trying to do with the kids for months.

Before we did anything else, we took Champ to the Air Force museum to see the planes. He was completely over the moon to see “his” SR71 in person. He jumped out of the stroller and yelled “That’s my plane! That’s my plane! There it is!”

He was trying to figure out how to get in it and get it out of the hanger here, which is when we scooped him up and strapped him back into the stroller lol.

He also really enjoyed the engine displays and climbing into another plane to see all the buttons. He definitely has a future in aviation of some sort whether he flies the planes or ends up engineering them instead.

Crash tagged along at the museum, but he wasn’t overly enthused with anything. He’s such a laid back little guy who seems content just to be with everyone else enjoying whatever they enjoy. We don’t really know what Crash enjoys yet. I’m hoping that when Champ goes off to school and I have the opportunity to have more consistent one on one time with Crash we can figure out his special thing.

After we finished with the museum we took Little our for her first movie theater experience to see Toy Story 4. She had a great time and really enjoyed the movie. Hubs and I enjoyed it too honestly lol. It was neat to see the evolution of the graphics compared to the first few movies and watch the character development come full circle.

It was also really nice to have some time with our big kid. We don’t often get to do special things with just her anymore now that the boys have come along and it was fun.

After all of our kid time, Hubs and I had the opportunity to go out for a day. We ran together, stopped for a delicious delicious SmashBurger, and eventually made our way downtown so I could participate in an upcoming podcast series with A Voice for the Innocent. It was my first official like in person interview regarding my story with surviving and recovering from sexual abuse. We also spoke about my books, but that wasn’t the main focus of the show.

It was really cool. Being an author/blogger I don’t actually SPEAK about my trauma very often, let alone on a podcast sending it out to the world. Lol. I had a great time recording, and I’m looking forward to sharing it when everything goes live.

Over all I’d say our Summer 2019 was a success! Now we have to get back into school mode. Early bed times all around! Lol.