On my business twitter account I have an automatic verification process to prevent spam bots from following me. TrueTwit. It’s free and easy. Basically anyone who follows me receives a link via DM. People can click the link or choose not to and get filtered out by the software. I’m sure some “real” profiles get lost in the shuffle of it all, but for the most part it’s effective.

Today I’ve had two people reply to the automated message offended that I “sent” them such things “accusing” them of being spammers and/or bots. I explained to each of them that it was an automated service and it was their choice to click through or not. One lady was cool with it and we struck up a conversation. The other continued to argue with me about it…

“That’s not necessary! I ain’t clicking that link!” She yelled at me via DM.

To which I responded: “It’s my profile. I like the additional verification. Why are you offended by it? Don’t click the link? Unfollow me?”

Then she went on some tirade about me being a narcissist and blocked me.

I didn’t even have time to be upset by the interaction because I’m too busy being so damn confused.

What upsets me most is the flippant pop culture psychology use of the term narcissist. Clinical narcissism isn’t a joke, nor is it an insult to be tossed around with little or no regard to those who actually suffer from and/or because of the disorder.

I’m far too honest and open to be a narcissist. Lol. I’ve never planned anything in my entire life. The level of meticulous planning it takes to be a narcissist exhausts me even in reading about it as I recovered from the trauma I endured via narcissistic abuse from my mother and then a few people I dated before meeting my Hubs.

Pop culture has confused self confidence with true narcissism. To a certain extent narcissism is necessary to function as a healthy human being. Ego, when it’s healthy, is important for self preservation. It’s only when it becomes all consuming and disordered that it becomes a problem.

Having the confidence to tell this woman I wasn’t going to change my profile settings just for her wasn’t toxic or disordered. I’m an extrovert. I love interacting with people in person and across social media. I don’t need fans and followers to measure my self worth. I acquire fans and followers because I like people lol. It’s almost an accident if we’re being entirely honest.

If I truly suffered from any sort of toxic disordered narcissism, I would jump through all the hoops to amass as many followers as possible. I would change my settings to inflate my numbers, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing about my own life for everyone to see. Lol.