Roid all the Rage

Apparently at some point after my hospitalization last Summer my thyroid decided to give up the ghost. Between November during my follow up and June at my most recent physical my TSH almost tripled!

I knew something wasn’t right because I just could not get my energy back and my weight kept piling on even though I was using the same methods I’ve always used to maintain my weight successfully.

I’m thankful it was just my thyroid and not my ovarian cysts growing or turning cancerous. My thyroid issues are fairly easy to maintain with medication and strict dieting. It’s a lot less worrisome than cancer that’s for sure.

I’m still in the diagnostic phase of exactly why it died, but between my PTSD, genetics and two bouts with sepsis it’s not exactly a surprise. I knew it was fairly inevitable down the line somewhere. My son was born with an under active thyroid, my mom and maternal grandmother all struggle(d) with thyroid issues, and the toxic hormone cocktail left behind from my PTSD doesn’t help at all.

It takes a few weeks for the medication to really start working, but even in this initial stage I fell so much freakin better! I could tell a difference with the first dose! The extra weight I gained is finally starting to come off, my hair, nails and skin have perked back up and I’m able to actually get up and function in the morning even before my coffee!

The diet restrictions are kind of tedious, but nothing I can’t handle. It’s how I should have been eating all along really. No fried foods, not too many carbs, not too many fats, not too many greens, no so and nothing high in iron. Basic stuff really. The only thing that really got me was limiting my coffee intake. That’s right, I can only have one cup of my beloved brew daily and I can only have it in a specific window of time after my medication. šŸ˜©

It’s annoying, but I think it’s better overall anyway. It’s an immediate goal I can focus on vs the long term goal of general health and fitness.