I have receipts. I have receipts for everything I write *before* it’s published. I am 100000% done with your antics.

I legit don’t fucking care about the ranting or the bitchy memes. I live in Indiana: the passive aggression capital of the universe. You are entirely entitled and able to post whatever you want directed at or about me.

The cyber security issues, drive by creeping and vandalism that always arrives at my doorstep after your ranting and bitchy memes fail to get a rise out of me? Yeah. No. I’m done with that bullshit.

When you can rant and post bitchy memes without my tires being slashed, my home being vandalized, my security system alerting me to someone creeping around, Apple alerting me to a failed log in attempt, I find a strange log in from Ohio on my personal FB account, or my FB page keeps getting liked/unliked by a reactivated account… I will stop looking you up.

My rants at you? Well they’re all logged here minus Checkmate. I still include it when giving the last 11 fucking years of my blog and other social media to law enforcement btw, I just don’t have it publicly available for you and your goons to obsess over.

Your effort to delete the most recent rant escapades is noted. No need to try and contact me to apologize or get closure or whatever the hell possesses you to try and contact me after my repeated requests to leave me alone.

You do you, honey. I don’t care as long as you doing you stays tf away from me and my kids. My parents are in the process of renovating their house to sell okay? They’re moving out of Cincinnati so we’ll never bump into one another again as long as you stop creeping.

It’s on you.