Facepalm Forever

Me: *frustration rage flailing* “Why are your still creeping on me? There is zero reason for you to be here creeping on me at this point in time.”

Creeper: “haha I’m not creeping on you. Get over yourself.”

Okay… well first of all, if you weren’t creeping (or having someone else creep on your behalf which is more likely) how the hell did you know I frustration raged in your general direction? Why did you feel the need to reply if it didn’t have anything to do with you? And why did my hacking problems, and other social media shenanigans magically disappear when you deactivated your creeping profile?

How do I know you have a creeping profile? Every time you activate/deactivate it it shows up in my FB page stats as a like/unlike from a deactivated profile.

SO… since we do this literally every year, I decided to give you the attention you were hunting for vs ignoring you. Whyyyyyyyy? Because last year when I ignored you, you grabbed your girl gang and decided to try to creep by my house. Try being the appropriate word since I caught you as I was leaving the neighborhood taking my boys to get an ice cream treat. It’s been almost a year to the date actually since that escapade.

Anyway… Believe whatever it is that you need to believe about my blogging. Yes, it is contributing to the cycle. I’m aware. If it keeps you away from my kids I’d rather have you obsessing over and bickering at me in cyberspace.

It is what it is.