Lettuce in Bowls

Pull up a chair. Let’s chat. This idea so many people have that restaurant work is somehow beneath other professions annoys the ever living ef out of me.

Much like any other industry restaurants pay on a sliding scale based on experience. Yes, I put lettuce in bowls for a living, BUT I also have seven years of industry experience and the majority of those years I’ve spent in management. I make significantly above the industry average. In fact, I’m right on par with any local factory, warehouse, CNA, or LPN and I’m only required to work an 8hr shift to earn the exact same salary. When my kids all start school and I can open up my availability, my employer will pay for whatever I have left as far as school goes to achieve my degree PLUS my salary PLUS retirement and health benefits for me to continue putting lettuce in bowls full time.

Of course putting lettuce in bowls isn’t the most emotionally fulfilling work in the world, but that’s why I write and volunteer with all the extra time my 8hr (often less) shifts afford me. Restaurant work isn’t easy, and it takes a long time in the industry to really make a decent living. There are also infinite opportunities that many people never take advantage of simply due to their ego. They want instant gratification vs hard work and perseverance.

When I started my food career I was making less than minimum wage (I was a minor) but now I have all the perks of any other local industry all for the simple task of putting lettuce in bowls. It’s a pretty sweet deal really. I love my coworkers, and I enjoy the extra time I have available to spend with my family.

It’s also not particularly glamorous, putting lettuce in bowls, but neither is storing pallets on racks, working an assembly line, changing bed pans or checking vitals on otherwise healthy patients day in and day out.

Success is how you feel at the end of the work day. What you do to achieve that feeling is entirely up to you.

3 thoughts on “Lettuce in Bowls

  1. I worked in food service pretty much constantly from age 14 through age 21. While I’m so happy I am not doing it anymore, it taught me to never begrudge anyone working in food service. It’s a rough gig.

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  2. Thank you! I really enjoy my current job so it’s not bad, but yeah. I’ve worked for some piss poor management before and that was a kitchen nightmare. It drives me absolutely bananas mostly that people assume I can’t be happy in a “lowly” job like restaurant work. It’s definitely not for everyone, and eventually I’ll probably leave just to try something different while I’m still youngish but I’m not in a hurry.


  3. I’ve been most every role in a kitchen and front of house (save for bartender). Most of those roles are no joke.


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