Timey Wimey

Every year since I began taking medication to control my PTSD symptoms Daylight Savings Time destroys my brain chemistry. Usually in the spring it tends to fall on the week of Lady Time, it’s always right around our anniversary, and things are just a hot mess express (more than usual lol) in The House of Hale.

This year has been exasperated by the Great Facebook Outage. Not because the site itself was down, but because it happened almost immediately on the heels of discovering my account has been compromised for months. Since freakin September in fact! Someone managed to either clone my friend’s phone, or steal my password from her phone and sneakily log in, and REMAINED logged in undetected until last week.

In all honesty they probably could have remained logged in for the duration if another Facebook SNAFU hadn’t grabbed my attention and piqued my curiosity. Put on your tinfoil hats for this one, friends!

I live in Indiana which is a rather small state known to lifetime residents to possess somewhat of a boomerang or vortex quality about it. Secrets don’t really stay buried here forever. They eventually bounce/swirl back to the surface no matter who’s attempted to bury them. Hoosiers are a proud lot and they tend to document EVERY THING for posterity, especially when it comes to the various universities.

I don’t go to IU, but I know people who’ve gone there or are going there and as such various IU pages, groups etc etc often pop up in feed as sponsored posts. I live in Indiana. It’s going to happen. ANYWAY… so I’m on Facebook and this IU Greek Life group pops up with a photo of young freshmen who just got accepted or whatever the proper term is into a notable campus fraternity. I’m scrolling along; then BAM this name jumps out at me.

So I click on the photo and read the rest of the caption and find the hilarious OMG deer in the headlights face of this kid bearing the name which caught my eye.

Now the last time I saw the guy has been a decade ago and he was in his mid sixties. Looking at the face of a college freshman versus my dusty ass memory didn’t immediately ring any bells, but this kid did bear enough resemblance that it got me started down the rabbit hole of late night internet searching based on the very limited information I have about my random acquaintance from ages ago. Lol. I made a random Facebook status about my odd find; then about an hour later I was tired, closed my computer and went to bed resolved to look at the entire thing with fresh eyes the next day.

Life happened and I wasn’t able to get back to it for a few days. I didn’t think it would be an issue except when I go to look for the photo again to pick up where I left off I can’t find it. That’s not entirely shocking thanks to Facebook and google and their wonky algorithm, especially considering I didn’t actually look for the photo in the first place it just appeared in my feed. So I spent a good while looking for the photo with no luck; then I turned my attention to the fraternity to see if I could find the actual group and go that route. Nothing. I found the fraternity, but I never did find the group that had been sharing their photos in sponsored stories which was very unusual.

Of course it just piqued my curiosity even more having this mysterious photo even more mysteriously seem to disappear into thin air, so I started digging around outside of social media. I found out some interesting things that I hadn’t really known specifics of before, but still the photo wasn’t turning up. After exhausting what limited resources I had I began to speculate that someone else might have access to my account somehow and be able to manipulate my algorithm via random searching or erasing of certain places and such. Sure enough: I go to investigate my log ins and there we are. Rogue log in that wasn’t me from an iPhone in Ohio.

So I logged everything and everyone out and changed my passwords. I’m not entirely sure how much access they had since the log in was via messenger, but if they had my password there really is no telling.

That pissed me off, but wasn’t entirely surprising. My main suspect often does stupid things like that to get my attention so I went looking to see if anything was posted “at” me as there generally is after they go poking around in my business. Nothing aside from a vague reference to posting nudes really stood out this go around, but then again the breech happened last year and I just discovered it so whatever perceived kerfluffle inspired it was probably long over with, and I didn’t care enough to go digging much beyond the surface. I addressed the nude fiasco even though the likelihood of that particular reference having anything to do with me is fairly irrelevant. I’d rather be proactive than reactive at this point so I took a preemptive stance on that one. It is what it is.

All of these things are simultaneously happening with my social media. The post with the college kid appearing then randomly disappearing, the hacking, the vague reference to nudes and then… fizz pop bang… the next day Facebook slowly screeches to a blinding halt along with Instagram. I didn’t know it was a world wide outage for a while and I spent a good portion of the day stewing, plus time change exhaustion, plus Lady Time and I was about to rampage with fire and fury. Thankfully I took the time to do a through investigation and found out it was, in fact, a worldwide outage.

It was still one hell of an emotional rollercoaster week this week and I am over it. I never did find out if College Kid was the same person I knew back in the day, and I don’t care to find out specifically who hacked into my Facebook or if they thought they were sly vaguely threatening to “embarrass” me with leaked photos. Hello! I have a blog. I embarrass myself on the regular lol.

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  1. Changing your passwords regularly, using secure passwords, and (preferably) using a password manager with autogenerated passwords is always good practice.

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