My youngest baby boy is off to pre-school next year. My sweet sensory kiddo Champ. We’re working with his OT to get him prepared for the transition and I finished up his enrollment today. He’s ready for school, I know he’s ready for school, but sending my littlest little off into the world still tugs at my heart strings.

I’m completely at peace with our decision not to have any more children, but I do often find myself reminiscing about the infant days with a twinge of longing. Looking back at their baby pictures and seeing how much each of my children has grown over the years.

Little is getting ready to graduate Kindergarten in just a few weeks. She passed her mid-year assessment with flying colors not only catching up to her peers but surpassing them. She isn’t quite the top of her class, but is will above the required benchmarks to advance. Hubs and I aren’t a bit surprised. We knew going into the whole school adventure she was highly intelligent it was only a matter of getting Little to understand how to fit into the competitive world of academics. She’ll perform right at a B or C average because she gets so incredibly bored in class. lol. Very much like her mama.

I’m nervous and excited to see how little Champ performs and adjusts. His OT thinks he might actually be placed in the gifted classes if we can get him to effectively communicate with his teachers and peers. Even if he doesn’t get the gifted label by the school system we have a very smart, sensitive, and energetic kiddo on our hands. Keeping him engaged in the learning process is going to be interesting to say the least lol.

Oh how time flies. My little fledglings spreading their wings. ❤