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I read an interesting article today. You can find it at the link below.

In a nut shell it basically speaks to the problem with the Church at large: discounting very real mental health issues and contributing the symptoms to spiritual matters; often times spiritual warfare.

This is why I left church and have had a difficult time going back. Yes, I acknowledge spiritual warfare exists, but I don’t think mental illness should be completely ignored as a cause for “visions” and other emotional struggles either. For the longest time I thought I was having visions, simply because I began having vivid nightmares after a minor out patient surgery and allergy testing when I was very young. The nightmares continued well into my young adulthood and I really focused studying demonology because I felt so conflicted and attacked  even when I was very active in my faith.

Turns out it was just my out of control PTSD brain made worse by the invalidation of my very real mental injury from my church family. I’ve never wavered in my core belief that God exists, nor have I discounted the idea that spiritual warfare *could* be the cause of emotional struggles, but I’ve found the most peace with medical intervention for my damaged brain chemistry.

It’s been very difficult to go back to the church body who inadvertently contributed to the severity of my mental illness even with the best intentions behind their actions. That’s, at least I feel, the defining difference between mental illness and a spiritual battle. I can’t medicate away my aversion to returning to church. I CAN medicate my brain to control my nightmares and anxiety attacks.

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  1. Here’s the thing about the “spiritual warfare” approach to Illness. Christ never healed without forgiving sins- but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t HEALING involved. Every new treatment, every new therapy is a gift from God. We are body mind, and spirit, as God created us. To pass mental illness off as demonic without looking into the physical body is lazy theology.

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  2. Indeed. I can see where they’re coming from, because we should look to God for help with our Earthly struggles sometimes the answers to our prayers are in the forms of science and medicine though. To just assume that those things are irrelevant like you said, it seems lazy or misguided.

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