Oceans Away

It’s official friends and followers. We finally got some little debts paid off, and now Hubs and I are finally planning a trip overseas!!

Right now the preliminary plan is to join my family in the UK for a few weeks but we’re still working on details. Hubs and I both have our vacation requests granted, babysitters lined up, passports in processing and we’re shopping for airfare. I’ve been trying to get Hubs out of the US since we met 11 years ago.

Before we seriously began dating he was accepted for an internship at a recording studio in London. He turned the opportunity down in favor of staying stateside because of a cute girl… *ahem* but now we have the chance and means to actually go together and dammit we’re going to make it happen. If not the UK we’re at least going to Canada. Hubs needs to live a little.

While we were discussing our initial plans Hubs goes: “Are you sure they’ll like us over there? I mean… as Americans?”

I paused and looked at him trying to figure out if his concern was genuine or if he was just making a joke and then replied: “Honey, we’re going to visit my family in the UK. We’re not going to the Middle East. No one will even know we aren’t from there unless we say something with our funky accents. We’re fair skinned, our last name is Hale… we could live in the UK unnoticed. I think we can visit without issues.”

And that’s when I decided where ever we go will be outside of the US because my Hubs needs to broaden his horizons. I wish I could pick up Portuguese as easily as I was able to pick up Spanish and German because I would love to go back to Brazil, but that dream is a bit lofty for our vacation this year. And I don’t think I could get Hubs to go with me to South America until he gets over his fear of leaving the US in general lol.

Either way, I’m pretty excited about things to come this year. 😊

4 thoughts on “Oceans Away

  1. If you go around yelling and demanding and sticking out like a stereotypical American Jackass, yes. People tend to hate on you. If you sit quietly and mind your own business no one bats an eye. We actually got compliments on how un-American we behaved last time my family was in Europe. Lol. The lovely older British woman who yelped: “OH MY GOD YOU’RE AMERICAN?! I had no idea!!” After asking my mom a question about some local news story was priceless.


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