Not a Drill

Yesterday was a day of epic suck.

My day began with my Twins attempting to eat toilet bowl cleaner. They snuck out of their room and unlocked the bathroom while I was still asleep. I woke up when I heard wrappers crinkling and excited squeals about cookies. We didn’t have cookies. I dashed into their room to snatch the cleaner tablets away from them just before they each took a bite. 20 minutes later as I’m taking my Little down to the bus stop (it’s right at the corner of our lot) the Twins escaped from their kid gated baby safe room (where I put them every morning when I go outside to put Little on the bus) I walk out, the bus arrives, I walk back. 5 minutes, maybe 10. The front door is always open. I can hear the Twins usually playing the entire time. Except yesterday.

Yesterday, they escaped from their room, got into our Costco Sized box of Pop Tarts, and dumped all of my brand new bottle of Cajun seasoning everywhere. When I walked back inside they panicked and in between trying to cram as many pop tarts into their mouths as they coulf they also threw Cajun powder into the air! It rained down on them and they both got it in their eyes. It hurt, they started crying; then screaming because it was also all over their hands and every time they rubbed their eyes it made everything worse. IT WAS NOT EVEN 10AM YET.

We got that crisis averted and then I got a text from my husband: “so we’re on lockdown. I guess the police were chasing a suspect and he got through the fence and into our building” That was one of the more intense half an hours of my life, but soon they had the all clear and everything went back to normal. No one was hurt and the police apprehended the suspect in the parking lot on the other side of the property. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll before 11am.

By this point I was tired. I was stressed tf out. I still had to report to work and my brain/body just said a big fat NOPE. Migraine city. One of the worst migraines I’ve had in a very long time. I was nauseous, my vision was blurred even with my glasses, it was a mess. Then I get to work. My work day was fairly easy all things considered except as I was unloading my giant industrial lettuce spinner, the weighted lid fell closed and smacked me right on the forehead. Instant bruise. Coupled with the eczema breakout on my face which is in the dry flaky stage it looks like I got into a fight.

To be honest I kind of felt like I’d been in a fight. Bah. I was so glad to come home to my cozy fireplace, giant knit blanket, and safely snoozing husband. This isn’t the first close call he’s had with threats of violence or lockdowns at his plant so it didn’t affect me as much as the first few times. Or my PTSD Perks kicked in and I haven’t really felt the brunt of my emotions about it all yet. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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