Lost and Found

Buried at the bottom of a box in the back of my garage: I found it. It was tangled in a mass of other long forgotten jewelry, floating around at the bottom of a jewelry box I received as a gift for my 16th birthday.

The chain that came with the charm my ex’s mom gifted me so many years ago. With it came a flood of memories that I had repressed immediately following the end of our relationship.

I was getting ready one evening to go out with my ex while he was home from BMT over Christmas break. We were going to the mall and he was treating me to a shopping spree. I donned my favorite blue sweater, pulled my hair back and tried to fasten the necklace his mom had given me a few nights before. It wouldn’t cooperate so I asked him for help. He wandered into the bathroom and I pulled my hair off of my neck while he gently pulled the delicate chain around my neck and also fought with the clasp. It stayed fastened long enough for me to grab my coat but as we were headed out the door the necklace fell from my neck and into my jacket.

I scolded him for his carelessness to which he argued until I glanced down and noticed the clasp itself had broken. It wasn’t his fault at all. I was upset. The necklace itself wasn’t something that I would wear all that often, not being my particular style nor taste at that point in my life, but it was still special for the fact that it had been a thoughtful gift. That, and I would be expected to wear it at any and all further occasions with his mother. I needed it to be repaired, which my ex would assure me that he would/could get it repaired.

We actually ended up taking it to the small jewelry shop his mom worked at to have it repaired. The only time I actually set foot in the store honestly. We dropped it off and a few days later he returned it to me good as new.

When I found it tarnished and tangled, the repair is the only thing that stood out to me making it distinguishable from the other chains it was clumped with. I pulled it out of the blob, cleaned it up and added my own personal touch which I felt completed it’s journey.

When I was given the chain it came with a charm baring the wish for happiness in my life. Since I was still heavily meshed in my trauma immediately following the end of the relationship, I missed the significance of the charm itself and gave it away. I’m pretty sure the only reason I ended up keeping the chain is because it was broken… but anyway!! I have this chain, and over the passage of time I’ve discovered something else about myself. I’ve found my happiness, my (sort of decentish) health, and my peace. The other thing I’ve discovered about myself is written on the charm I’ve added here which I think really belongs on this chain all things considered.