Incoming Rant

Yesterday we, the kids, Hubs and I, left the house for a few hours. While we were gone there was a power surge that triggered the broken switch in Little’s ceiling fan. When we left the house: fan was off. When we came back: fan was on.

Hubs and I thought it was odd so we checked the security system and camera footage. Nothing. Then I got a text from my mother in law explaining they were without power on their side of town. That’s when we figured out the power surge and such. Hubs and I relaxed, but Little was bouncing around at a million miles an hour terrified that the Bad Man has found our house and snuck in again.

TWO HOURS Little would come up to me and ask me if I was certain no one broke into our home every five minutes. I showed her the security system, I explained how it works, I showed her the camera footage from the entire time we were away from the house, and nothing in her mind would calm the fact that the Bad Man had found us and come into our home again.

It’s been nearly two years since my ex made his appearance as the Bad Man in our apartment, and while I’m thankful that Little has finally overcome her nightmares surrounding the event it still boils my blood that the Bad Man made such a negative impression upon my daughter.