The holidays have frustrated me this year…

Let me start out by saying that Hubs works an average of 50+ hours a week on top of his hour commute to and from each day. In addition to working those hours he’s enrolled in classes with me.

I work anywhere from 20-30+ hours outside the home (my schedule varies due to business demands), plus an additional 20+ hours at home taking care of my marketing and author related adventures. On top of school, house work, and making sure the children stay alive and have at least an hour of one on one time with me per day.

Our schedule works because I have it down to a science. I can keep things fairly well balanced with a decent amount of flexibility but it’s not as fluid as things used to be before Little started school and I started working.

This year I’ve organized time for Christmas celebrations ON CHRISTMAS DAY. It’s important that we spend the morning opening gifts at home with the kids, after that up until 3PM the next day the K. Hale Family is available to visit/celebrate all the Christmas things. Considering I’m putting two different online class schedules, three work schedules and one elementary school schedule into account it’s honestly a miracle that I have Christmas Day set aside at all.

Trying to coordinate with my family and in-laws this year has become pretty much impossible. Not because their own Christmas Day holiday traditions aren’t important, but because everyone wants to do their own thing on the actual Christmas Day our branch of the tree is left out of everything else this year. Hubs won’t really come out and say it, but I can tell that it bothers him as his family makes plans we can’t be a part of and doesn’t really give a second thought or try to work with our schedules.

Of course they’re also trying to juggle their own work, school and other activities. It’s not like they’re just picking days when we can’t make it to spite us or something. There just isn’t much discussion about it from our end. It’s “we’re doing this this day because of blah blah blah reason come to it” from his family and even with the most valid reasons it’s disappointing to say: “we can’t for our own blah blah blah reasons” Instead of trying to come to a compromise it always seems to be “oh well. Next time” as they go off and participate in fun traditions and activities without us.

It’s just not working at all this year for anything, and it’s driving me batty. Christmas is damn near here already and the only festive thing we’ve managed to do is put up our indoor decor and watch The Grinch with Hubs’ mom.

I will have my annual cookie baking party after work on Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to that. Maybe then it will feel more like the season and I won’t be such a grump. 🎄 🎄 🎄

2 thoughts on “Holi-Daze

  1. It is so much easier for us as a more compact group. We co-ordinate with KC and Jessica, period. And that includes being flexible for Jessica’s family, which is so much larger. People need to have regard for others.

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  2. I told Hubs we’ll probably have to forego the big Christmas with his sister and her family for a smaller one with just us and his dad. Simply for the fact that we have too many competing schedules going on this year. Idk what we’re going to do.


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