The Zoo

Hi. Yes. Hello, I’m speaking to You.

Unless the first words out of your mouth/onto your screen addressed to me are: “I’m sorry; I’m turning myself in” and/or “I’m sorry; I’m getting help” there is nothing more that we need to discuss which hasn’t already been yelled/written/emailed between us over the past fucking decade since our relationship ended.

I don’t hate you. I don’t wish ill will upon you. I do and will continue to look back on the rare occasions when you decided to behave like a decent human being during our time together fondly. I understand there are certain physical circumstances out of your control that affect some of your behaviors which I don’t hold against you. Your recent choices, however, have exhausted any amount of patience I might have maintained for you.

I’m acknowledging your recent escapades to prevent them from escalating any further. Although really it’s pretty much a coin toss either way. It’s Christmas. I’m not fucking fighting with you.

Now, please, go have a good holiday and quit creeping on my book marketing.