American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

Rebecca MacCeile

In addition to the wonderful efforts of  Tim Baughman, Eve Jacob, Tabitha, Sounds Nerdy, and our friends broadcasting the  podcast We Were (Kind of) A Big Deal in College . RIGHT NOW 100% of proceeds from Candy Apple Butterscotch and Novelties: A Collection of Unfinished Short Stories are going toward a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Thats right! 100% of all proceeds from November 20th- December 25th 2018 will be donated to the AFSP. Kindle and paperback editions are eligible.

Candy“I was running. Fast and furious through a forest full of cotton candy pink pine trees. Running from what? I still wasn’t certain. Something in my mind was buzzing. The only thing I could think was to run. I heard a faint voice screaming in the distance, and a crash of glass falling to the floor. Suddenly I was rocketed out…

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