Struggle Bus

Ever since my last bout of sepsis I have had one hell of a time staying awake. Even though I’ve been careful to not over do it at work, cut back on the intensity of my workouts, and do everything in my power to get adequate sleep at night I still find myself falling asleep midday. Not just like sitting down and gradually falling asleep whilst doing something, but being in the middle of my chores or playing with the kids; then BAM crash gotta lay down or I will fall over, borderline narcoleptic exhaustion just strikes.

Even with my crash naps through out the day I still find myself passed tf out for at least 12 hours when Hubs is home to tend the kiddos. I’m sleeping all the sleep and still feel super ultra mega tired.

While I’ve been struggling with this since I got out of the hospital, in the past few weeks it’s began to affect my daily activities. Where I used to be able to manage my time fairly well and keep up with my book marketing, blogging, school, kids and work now I’m struggling simply to get out of bed and interact with anyone at all.

I’m so close to finishing NaNoWriMo this year with another win, but every time I sit down to my computer for more than 15 minutes at a time I pass out asleep. I’m slacking on my school work too. I’m not behind, but I’m having trouble keeping up with my previous pace.

I know fatigue is often a side effect of your body trying to kill you via sepsis so I wasn’t concerned with it until the past two weeks. I finally made an appointment with my GP and had some tests run. Hopefully I’ll get the results back today or tomorrow and hopefully it’s something that can be easily corrected and not a lasting affect. Chronic fatigue with toddlers is NO FUN. 😴😴😴