Statutory Rape is Still Rape


Yes you read that title correctly and YES there are people in this world who somehow “don’t get it.”

I was scrolling on Twitter and this man (bless him) was advocating for rape/sexual assault victims and dropping the mic all over the damn place.

He literally had to explain to someone that statutory rape is still rape.

Here’s what happened.

So there was this article about how two teenage girls – 14 years old – went to the wife of one of their teachers to tell them that he was having an affair……with them.

*brb need to go vomit*

Alright I’m back. So the police came to arrest this man and somewhere in the article it says that both teenage girls “consented” to this “relationship.”

Here’s the thing that apparently is hard to understand (even though it’s really not).

The legal age to give consent in the States is 16…

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