School Bells

I did it. I finally got back to school. I’ve been working toward this goal for almost a decade with various different levels of success and now, I have FINALLY achieved it.

I’ve been enrolled for a while, but didn’t want to say anything until I completed my first semester just because I’ve had so many other false starts. Lol. Hubs and I have actually enrolled together which is a nice motivator to keep at it.

We decided to try an online school. I was apprehensive at first knowing that I’m an auditory learner, but the school we chose has their stuff together! I get reading material and videos to watch as well going over the key points of the lesson. I can read it; and I can hear it to reinforce the information. I’ve done well on my first two exams and I’m excited to continue toward my degree.

I’ve chosen to focus on marketing and business management with this particular school with the intentions to receive my masters in Human Resources at a local brick and mortar school. It’s a career path I’d never really considered before, but one that encompasses all of my passions and experience without requiring an internship or doctorate before I can enter the workforce.

If I continue on at my current rate of study I should be finished with my bachelors by 2021 and ready to begin my full time career just as the Twins get ready for Kindergarten.

Hubs should finish his degree sometime next year or early 2020 which will finally give him the requirements needed for the promotion he so desperately deserves at his current company.

Little is very excited that Hubs and I are going back to school. She loves school and was excited to share the experience with us even though we don’t get to ride the bus (which is one of the best parts apparently) or see her teacher every day.

I’m just excited that I’ve finally found something to continue my education while not interfering with my job or family time. School also seems to be much easier to focus on now that I’m settled in my personal life. With the publication of my books and putting that part of my past completely behind me it’s exciting to focus forward on the future of proving for my family.