Hitting the Road

I’M GOING ON TOUR. A local bookstore that has locations scattered all across the state has expressed interest in setting up signings and readings at their locations in support of my books.

I’M GOING ON A BOOK TOUR. I’m like a real artist now. Lol.

With the publication of my second book, I decided to branch out my distribution a bit as well. Since my books aren’t my primary source of income, I’ve been testing the waters with several local bookstores to see exactly what I could do in terms of getting my work on shelves. Originally, I just wanted to sell some stock and get my books out there a bit more. I’ve already surpassed my expectations and goals for my writing, so this is just sort of my usual “seat of my pants what the hell, why not?” attitude. Curiosity mostly lol. I’m self taught in all things publishing and marketing so I’m really looking for the experience more than sales.

And boy will it be an experience for sure! I haven’t done any public speaking/performance in ages, and I’ve certainly never stood up on a podium in front of people trying to sell myself and my art before. I’m a writer!! Not a performer!! Lol.

So… this is an exciting chapter in my authoring adventure! I feel kind of like I’ve neglected all of my Patchwork fans, because I’ve been so busy working on my book stuffs. I wish I could do both in one place. For the privacy of my family and kids I really can’t though.

Especially if I’m about to head out on the road. I don’t mind sharing my life with the kiddos here with you all in blogland, but going out and about into the real world for my book marketing makes me wary of sharing anything about them with my book audience. Especially in this charged political climate where anything could make anyone do rash, violent things.

I will still promote my books, and go out on the front lines so to speak, but I’m keeping my kids at a safe distance. Or trying to anyway.

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