My fiction collective is ready for the masses and will be released October 31st! 🤩

I’m pretty excited to be sharing these little gems, my commentary on why I abandoned them and how they all helped me grow as an author. The perks of self publishing! Lol.

Right now I’m just planning on releasing a Kindle Edition to test the waters and see how it sells. My memoir exceeded my expectations, but I’m not entirely sure how well “unfinished short stories” will come across to an audience.

My third book is going well even in its early stages. That one is going to take a lot more work before it’s ready for editing and I’m not certain I’ll reach my goal of publication next Spring, especially with the holidays coming up and my work schedule becoming hectic here recently.

This is why I’m thrilled with the independent publishing route I decided to take. No one really cares if I meet my self imposed deadline or not. If it takes me three years to finish? It takes me three years to finish. I don’t have agents and publishers hounding me for production and interfering with my creative process. It’s alllllllllllll me.

Anyway… stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more details on Novelties as they become available. 😄

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