And We’re Back!

A few weeks ago my boys destroyed my keyboard. They picked off just about every single key and had them scattered all across the house rendering my computer basically useless until I could find them. It took me several weeks of deep cleaning and searching, but I finally got my keyboard put back together. lol.

Although in recent months I haven’t had a great deal to write about anyway. I’ve settled into my new routine and have managed to stay fairly emotionally stable. I’ve really had to take a step back and make sure I’m actually stable and not repressing or numbing with recent events in the US government arena and media frenzy surrounding it. I’ve been able to engage in several debates about the subject and didn’t feel triggered, so I’m going to say it’s stability vs numbing. Which is nice heading into the hectic holiday season when my usual triggers abound.

Physically I’m still quite exhausted from my pneumonia. My body is just zapped of energy no matter what I do. I’ve been sleeping so much more lately, which probably contributes to my lack of things to write about too lol. Not much to say when you’re sawing z’s anytime the kids are quiet and safe. Which I have been. This week especially as the days have grown visibly shorter in addition to the cooler local temperatures. Even trying my best to stay physically active during my recovery, I just can not recover the energy I had before. Although to be fair, the energy I could have had before very well could have been adrenaline keeping me alive as my body was beginning to shut down. lol. Guess we’ll see where we go from here.

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