Dirty 30

Whoa!! I’m so excited to share that I met my running goal over the weekend!! I’ve been slowly but surely plodding along working toward this since January. When I set the goal I never thought I would reach it by the end of the year, let alone by mid September!!

Despite all of my health issues and general setbacks this year, I still managed to rock this goal. For someone who’s barely ran two consecutive miles, let alone ran consistently ever this is a big accomplishment. I’m sloooooooooooowly starting to warm up to the cardio side of fitness. It’s always been my weakest physical attribute, mostly due to being in a constant state of panic in my childhood and young adult years. (Thanks a lot PTSD) I rarely raised my heart rate above 140 for fear that I was going to die if I did so. It was an irrational fear, but the physical sensation of raising my heart rate for anything quite literally felt like death was looming.

It was a survival mechanism gone haywire. Once I received my diagnosis and realized that, I’ve been able to push myself a bit harder. It’s been wonderful, both for my mood and over all physical health. My next goal? Running in a 5k at some point next year! I wanted to participate in one this Fall, but with my doctor’s orders to take it easy I really can’t. Even reaching these last few miles was probably a bit too much. I ran really slow. Like half my normal pace. That’s taking it easy, right?! Lol

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