Putting on the Brakes

I love my doctor. She’s the perfect balance of in your face facts, with sarcasm and snark but also very educated and excellent at her job.

I went in for my follow up after my hospital stay last month and she walked into the room with: “YOU ARE AN OTHERWISE HEALTHY THIRTY ONE YEAR OLD AND PNEUMONIA ALMOST KILLED YOU. What the heck?! You need to slow down and rest some more. Your immune system is on overdrive and the only cure is rest and relaxation. SLOW. DOWN.”

Apparently I’ve over done myself in terms of recovery from my much more serious than I actually realized hospital stint. I mean yes, I know sepsis has a fairly high mortality rate modern medicine considered, but this is the second time I’ve survived it. I’m in better over all shape than I was the first round, and I am taking it relatively easy for my usual balls to the wall lifestyle. I still have Littles to tend to and I still have a job and bills and everything else my busy life consists of. I can put somethings on hold while I focus on my health, but not a great many. I thought I was doing great getting right back at my life and job and the gym so soon after the disaster I found myself in.

According to my doctor? Not so much. “YOU ALMOST DIED. Give your body time to recover! Rest, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, for at least eight more weeks. This is no joke.” So… I guess it’s time to put on the brakes, re-evaluate my physical recovery plan and really pay attention to what my body is saying. Y’know, before it starts shutting itself down again… oopsie.

6 thoughts on “Putting on the Brakes

  1. Yikes! Listen to your doctor!! I hope you recover quickly!

    I must say, I love you’re remark about your doctors sarcasm and snarky comments, but also being knowledgeable. I have yet to find such an awesome physician. If only House were real. *sigh*

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  2. Thing is, I think our bodies try to tell us that “back to normal” asap is the #1 priority. Bodies also tell us to drink pepsi and eat chocolate until diabetic, then bitch at us for it. Bodies are stupid.

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