Classroom Coup

Apparently my Rebel Child is popular. Nearly every person we’ve invited from her class plans on attending her birthday party this weekend. I’m thrilled for her, and kind of in a panic for myself lol.

I had hoped so much that her classmates would come, but in the back of my mind never honestly expected them to. Little is a trouble maker, and is a little bit behind the curve socially. To hear her teacher tell it, she’s an isolated soul who acts out every ten minutes.

Hubs and I decided perhaps it’s because Little was organizing a classroom coup and all the children were following her outlandish rebellious lead. lol. At any rate, I’m so excited for her to have a wonderful birthday celebration. Now I have to order another cake and find more party favors since our attendance is double what we anticipated. Nothing like a Little last minute preparation excitement! 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

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