Maybe One Arm…

After all of our evaluations Little is a pretty healthy, wicked intelligent, albeit socially awkward kid. Which, really, is to be expected with her above average emotional intelligence. Even her pediatrician said: “this behavior chart tells me that this teacher just met your daughter and isn’t sure what to do with such an exuberant, stubborn child in her class. I don’t see anything really out of the ordinary for Little here. It’s pretty classic Little, really.”

In short, she takes after her mother and is a rebel soul. So now… instead of fighting with the school system against her doctor, I’m going to bat for my Little’s individuality. She is kind, smart, inclusive, passionate, creative and outspoken. Once we get to the root of exactly why she’s lost respect for her teacher we can figure out the defiant behavior and go from there.

She’s grown into the small human I always hoped she would. My baby girl is a mover and a shaker. She has a purpose for her life somewhere outside 16 years of school and a 9-5 corporate job. We just have to find the balance she needs to be successful during at her primary school days so she can figure out what that purpose might be. I need one arm to reign her in, and one arm to hold off those who would squelch her exuberant spirit.

Her doctor did schedule a sleep study and an EEG to rule out any sort of seizure activity. Little has a history of seizure activity and while it shouldn’t directly affect her behavior, it could be contributing to her “fuzzy brain”. As her doctor gave me signs and symptoms to think about we’re beginning to explore the possibility of absence seizures, what they used to call petit mal seizures. Not quite sure where those tests will go, or how it might be affecting her overall, but it’s something to investigate.

I’m just glad that my Little seems to be doing quite well, all things considered. She’s just giving the teacher a run for her money. Lol.