Summer Breeze

Summer is already over and I feel like it barely just begun. With my third shift work schedule I feel like I missed just about everything. My Little started Kindergarten on the 2nd, and in addition to preparing for that transition we had a medication meltdown with Champ, emergency medical intervention after he attacked Crash, had to quickly/haphazardly add a 4th bedroom to our home and move all of the kids around to their own space. My niece graduated high school, my step father in law received a devastating Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis, and my Hubs worked seven days straight for almost six weeks due to a backlog of work at his factory.

Then, when all the various crisis resolved, it was cooling off, the usual Summer festivities were over, my daughter was in school, Hubs was finally moved to first shift and the beginning of Fall was upon us.

It’s like I blinked and my last summer to spend with my Little before she ventures off into the “real world”, a Summer I had filled with grand plans and ideas was over. A new chapter of our lives began and I feel rather shell shocked by it all.

Nothing will ever compare to the disaster fest which was 2016, but this year was one ripe with new challenges that I wasn’t particularly ready to face. I’m so happy that we get to spend evenings together as a family, and I’m thankful that Little is adjusting to school. I’m thankful that we got Champ into therapy before his outbursts escalated any further, and I’m thankful that we had the finances and ability to quickly add a room to our home and facilitate Crash’s emotional recovery after the attack.

I’m also thankful that my in laws finally have answers for what’s been worrisome and confusing for several years, even though the news itself was less than ideal. Nothing particularly bad happened at all, but so many changes jumped out of nowhere. It’s been an exhausting Summer, but I’m not ready to transition into the Fall. I want to hold on to that lazy Summer breeze just a few more weeks…

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