Small and Mighty

After almost a week of convincing, my bosses finally decided they were okay with me working overnight and putting away the inventory. For now… but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

I can kind of understand why my boss was concerned. I am a smallish woman, alone in the restaurant with random truck drivers showing up nightly. The first night I work with each driver is a little unnerving, but after the first night it really isn’t that bad. Most of them are just as wary of me as I am of them. It’s not every day a tiny blonde chick shows up in the middle of the night and runs the show confident and secure in her surroundings.

Most of the drivers are nervous, but there are a few that are arrogant. I think my absolute favorite exchange with a driver happened last Thursday.

Delivery driver: “Oh, you should wait until some of the guys get in to put that away. Wait for the muscle to arrive. *arrogant chuckle*

Me: *tosses 50lb bag on my shoulder with ease* I *am* the muscle. 🙃

He didn’t have much to say after that, and even less to say after I sliced the bag open left handed to pour its contents into the storage bin while holding it. I wasn’t intentionally trying to be a badass. I was just doing my job, but it made me ponder after he left. Which I have a lot of time to do having the place to myself for a while.

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