I love my job. I love my co workers. I love the people I work for.

I also wish that when I volunteered for a task involving the unloading of inventory my coworkers and supervisors wouldn’t be so damn patronizing!! 😖

I get it. I’m a tiny woman who sometimes struggles with debilitating migraines, and PTSD mood swings. I have a creepy stalker ex with violent tendencies who’s face I have posted in the office on the off chance he were to show up. The first few times they asked me if I was okay with the new responsibilities of coming in early to do the inventory I wasn’t bothered. That just shows general care and concern.

The forth and fifth time? We’ve transcended beyond “caring concern” to patronizing and projecting. None of them volunteered to take the position because it was “too hard”, so having me jump at the opportunity makes them pause. I get why they keep asking me, I just wish people would take me at my word. I said I’m okay with the responsibilities the job entails, so LET ME DO THE DAMN JOB ALREADY.

The most annoying part is when they continue to ask me: “are you sure you can handle all that lifting?” Okay… so I don’t really talk about my CrossFit stuff on the blog. I’ll drop it in here and there, but I generally don’t feel the need to broadcast my achievements here. I have accountability partners elsewhere on social media but here? It’s meh.

Let’s break down my average workout that I normally participate in two or three times a week, in addition to all of my other responsibilities:

E2MOM means 10 reps every 2 minutes for a total of five rounds or 50 total reps. METCON is metabolic conditioning and means that each of the three movements are to be completed as quickly as possible recording the total time. You’ll have to look up the definitions of the movements themselves on your own because you need videos and or graphics I don’t feel like hunting down for this post. Lol.

The nature of CrossFit, and really why I love it, is that every day you do something different from a range of movements to completely condition your entire body. No two workouts are the same aside from a group of benchmark workouts… but anyway, this particular workout is a decent representation of the amount of work I do whenever I go to the gym.

In addition to this workout we also have a 30 minute warm up which included a 1/2 mile run on this particular day. Much like the workouts themselves the warm ups are generally different depending on which movements we’re doing that day.

So… this particular day my weight for deadlifting was a comfortable 115lbs. 5 rounds of 10 reps every two minutes for ten total minutes and 50 total reps. That’s 5,750lbs. That was just the lifting portion of the day.

The METCON was a total of 180 reps broken up into the three movements by the listed sets. So 18 of all three movements; then 15; then 12 etc to completion as fast as possible. I chose to scale the weight a bit and went with a 65lb loaded barbell. Making my total weight pressed 3,900lbs plus the weighted sit ups at 14lbs a piece so… 4,740lbs during the workout. My time was 20:27. Twenty minutes and twenty seven seconds.

SO for that one workout, after being awake for over 12hrs, working a full shift and tending the kiddos I moved 10,490lbs, 5.25 TONS in 30 minutes. THEN I went home and made dinner, got the kids ready for bed, did laundry, and showered before finally collapsing in bed after being awake for 20 hours.

And all of that is what I do for fun. CrossFit is my hobby. I enjoy it. The physical benefits of losing weight and building muscle are a bonus, but that’s not why I workout the way I do. I think I can unload a few hundred cases off a truck, when the heaviest case in the entire store is a 50lb bag of sugar and I have eight hours to get it done!

I wish people could just take me at my word instead of arguing with me about my own damn abilities because then I feel like an arrogant asshat breaking it down the way I just did…. but really, what else can you do when people just won’t listen?? 🤷🏻‍♀️